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| On 2 years ago

Amazing Castle: Elevated Ball Pit, Space Invader & Other Games With A Twist At Cineleisure Orchard

In case you didn’t know, Cineleisure underwent a revamp and unveiled its new attractions in the first quarter of 2019.

Apart from the array of shopping and entertainment options, there’s now a new place for the young and young at heart to enjoy: Amazing Castle.

Amazing Castle has a playful vibe with its snazzy lights and whimsical setup; kids are definitely going to go heads over heels over it. Upon registration, you will receive a wristband, which allows you to “tap” into individual game stations.

Here at Amazing Castle, the games are catered for teams of two to three and all age groups. With that in mind, I can picture families spending their weekends here.

Upon registration, we wasted no time and head to our first station. It was a basketball station with a unique twist to it: for every round, a quiz is presented to the players. Each question comes with two answer options and players can answer them by tossing the basketball in the basket with the correct answer.

It allowed children to learn through the process of play, which is really beneficial for their development. Not only that, I had whale of a time tossing shooting hoops.

Moving on, we tried a game called Scream. It’s exactly what the name says, participants from each team are to scream into a character’s mouth and points will be awarded to the louder team. Time to scream at the top of your lungs!

The next time you happen to walk past Amazing Castle, do not be alarmed by the screams you hear.

The next station named Seventh Heaven, looks really inviting with a sea of plastic balls. Players are supposed to dive into it and tap onto designated buttons when it lights up — sounds really simple, right? It’s anything but.

Though the tank was really small, navigating through the sea of balls was an uphill task. I had to move frantically in order to navigate around.

To add to the difficulty, there were time limits to reach the buttons. And guess who failed miserably. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and I can definitely picture children conquering this station with their energy and swiftness.

Brushing off our sweat, we headed to the next station, Burning Surfer. With dashes of red and fire decorations, we knew this station was going to be a challenge. And we were right, we were given the workout of our lives.

The Burning Surfer is inspired by the classic Space Invader where you have to move your character from side to side and shoot monsters. But much tougher.

Players are required to control their character movement by moving a platform that oscillates like a see-saw. Think of this as a video game, but instead of using your fingers to control the character, you are using your entire body.

The games at Amazing Castle were interactive and unique, and we had a great time. However, the slightly steep price might make players consider twice about making a return trip — five games for a team of two will set you back about S$30 dollars, and five games will be easily completed in 20 minutes.

Nevertheless, I still believe that this place will be a great hangout spot for families, especially children. Do give this place a shot and tell us what you think.

Prices: (Weekdays before 6pm) 1 Game – S$5, 4 Games – S$20, 9 Games – S$30 | (Weekdays after 6pm) 1 Game – S$6, 4 Games – S$25, 9 Games – S$35 | (Weekends & Public Holiday) 1 Game – S$7, 4 Games – S$28, 9 Games – S$45

Amazing Castle: 8 Grange Road #02-04A/05 Singapore 239695| Opening Hours: (Mon – Sun) 8am – 10pm| Website| Facebook

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