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This Japanese Air Purification Ashtray Gives You Clean Air After Smoking

Take a stroll around the commercial estates in Singapore and you will soon realise it is a common sight to have smokers gathering around bins. Cigarettes balanced between fingers and hands hovering over ashtrays. In no time, the lingering stench of burnt cigarettes permeates along the road.

Credit – Thanko Japan

Introducing Thanko Japan’s Air Purification Ashtray which helps to reduce cigarette odour and smoke which, in turn, minimises the effects of passive smoking. It is used the same way as a regular ashtray — combusting cigarettes are ashed onto the tray which inhales the smoke and burnt tar via openings in the centre and sidewalls. Clean air is then exhaled from the device after being filtered.

Credit – Thanko Japan

Being portable and highly compact, the ashtray operates on a rechargeable 8000mAh battery and has a frame of 150mm by 150mm by 100mm. To bring greater convenience, each charging cycle takes approximately 5 hours while a full charge can last up to 30 hours.

Credit – Thanko Japan

The ashtray and filter can be easily removed and separated, making it fuss-free to clean the individual components. Furthermore, filter sheets can be easily replaced and purchased separately from the Thanko site. This Air Purification Ashtray is priced at 680yen (approx. S$8.60).

Practice good smoking etiquette today! These filter ashtrays are available from their website for JPY 10,280 (approx. S$130.04) each.

Price: JPY 10,280 (approx. S$130.04)

Thanko Japan Air Purification Ashtray | Website

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