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Air New Zealand’s Economy Skynest Sleeping Pods Is Sure to Put You to Sleep Amongst the Clouds

After three years of intense research and development complemented by feedback from over 200 customers, Air New Zealand has made a breakthrough in Economy flying technology. Through the unveiling of their new lie-flat prototype sleep product—Skynest— they are committed to reconfiguring the flying experience by infusing comfort and magic into it.

Credit-Air New Zealand

The rationale behind this innovative development is the major discomfort experienced by economy travellers on long-haul flights. The company understands that when their customers are unable to stretch, the overall experience is inevitably less enjoyable. Skynest is a direct response to that challenge and aims to bring about a more delightful travel experience for their patrons and promote customer well-being.

The Economy Skynest can accommodate up to six sleeping pods, each of which will include a full-size pillow, sheets and blanket, earplugs along with privacy curtains and dim lighting perfect for sleeping. Other features are still being experimented and explored, some of which include offering passengers a separate reading light, a USB outlet for personal devices and a ventilation outlet.

Credit-Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand will make a final decision on whether to operate the Skynest next year after a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the device’s performance. The cost of the Skynest for customers has yet to be determined but is likely to be separate from the cost of booking an economy seat on the flight.

Look forward to more innovative and game-changing ideas from Air New Zealand—because the future is now.

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