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| On 11 months ago

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa: Dive In And Beat The Singapore Heat

Despite being born in Singapore, I’ve never stepped foot in Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark until this visit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a fear of sudden drops and the occasional rollercoaster. But if you combine both those elements and add water, all fear disappears.

I guess all this while, I’ve been a fish out of water.

The blazing sun and insane humidity made me look forward to the water even more so.

I was so grateful the June holidays had already ended and I could possibly channel my inner Moana. Yet, for a weekday, families and tourists mobbed the deck chairs and lockers near the toilets at Adventure Cove.

That was the moment I knew, I was going to get hit in the face by a kicking, spluttering child at some point during my visit.

We dumped our stuff in the lockers next to the toilets after changing into suitable attire. Rental costs S$10 for a small locker and S$20 for the large one. They also lock digitally, ensuring that your belongings are safe while you’re out enjoying the day.

Touring The Cove

Credit – Travellog

I brought a friend with me who’s familiar with the waterpark to show me around.

Regardless, the park map is relatively easy to follow and you can save it to your phone beforehand to make navigating around a breeze!

Speaking of phones, remember to put them in a waterproof case if you’re planning to bring them along with you for photos. Go-Pros and waterproof cameras are approved, however, not all the attractions allow you to take it with you during your rides. Check with the aquatic safety lifeguards beforehand.

The Safest “Sea” You’ll Ever Experience

We decided to get used to the temperature of the water first, so we stopped by BluWater Bay and waited for the waves to start.

If you’re not a strong swimmer, lifejackets or personal floatation vests are available near the entrance. Kids are advised to use them especially since the current can get quite strong.

Lounge chairs are available to just relax on near the sandy area of the bay. If you’re the sort who wants to tan but doesn’t want to be in the sun (why so contradicting??), cabanas are available for rental on a first come first serve basis.

Rides To Feel Your Heart Drop and Expand Your Curse Vocabulary

Yes, taking either the Pipeline Plunge or the Tidal Twister will leave even the manliest man screaming like a girl. I know because I witnessed it for myself.

Both the rides are on the same platform. Grab a single or double float and hike your way up the stairs. We took the Tidal Twister first. Let’s just say as I was going down, all I wanted to do was ballet pirouette in the other direction to counter my dizziness.

I didn’t need to do that though, the ride seemed to know when I was close to retching mode and saved me.

Credit – Travellog

The Pipeline Plunge is much quicker. My friend told me I was screaming “This isn’t a toilettttttt!” the entire way down.

If I had wanted to feel flushed, I would have gone on the Spiral Washout. I was still reeling from the twister to be honest.

One of the other recommended rides was the Duelling Racer. I really wanted to do it, but unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance during my visit. I’m assuming you’d probably feel like a slippery bar of soap on the bathroom floor?

Credit – Choo Yut Shing

The queue for the Riptide Rocket was ridiculously long, but it’s definitely a highly recommended ride.

It’s the first hydro-magnetic coaster in Southeast Asia and out of all the certified-adrenaline-junkie rides we’ve covered, this one is definitely not for the faint-hearted! You might lose your heart, leave your lungs somewhere along the way down and your hair standing on end.

These rides are all situated in the central location of the waterpark. They’re definitely more convenient to check off your bucket list during your visit.

You know when your parents always nagged at you about getting into Express stream? Now’s the time to prove to them that you’ve been listening all along.

Pay S$10 for the Adventure Express pass and enjoy priority queue for Riptide Rocket and Rainbow Reef. It’s worth paying for especially during the weekends when the queues can get as crazy as a limited edition Hello Kitty drop.

Let Your Children Run Wild

Leave the exhilarating rides to catch your breath at a few of the “chill” rides. The Wet Maze will leave you feeling like you’re back in the 90s again, hiding from every corner for fear that someone will spray you in the face with a Nike spray bottle.

Other kid-friendly attractions include the Big Bucket Treehouse for those afraid of the towering slides. Parents can also allow their kids to splash in Seahorse Hideaway, complete with shallow wading pool and fountains.

Probably the best way to stop children splashing around at the Bugis Junction fountain is to bring them here I suppose?

If your kids are monkeys and are up for a bit of healthy competition, head over to Splashworks and race them across the tight ropes and balance beams.

Get In Touch With Nature

I don’t like fish spas. I always imagine the little swimming demons biting my toes off. Yet, I’d snorkel in Rainbow Reef and pretend to be Ariel any other day of the week.

The water temperature is a whole lot colder than everywhere else in the park and exceedingly salty (it’s sea water, so obviously). Put your lifejacket on and grab a pair of snorkel masks (kid snorkel masks are available here too!).

Certain rules apply here – no diving, no kicking, watch out for the sharp rocks and reef edges and you’ve got to be able to swim. Then, just take a nice float around the reef and enjoy the vibrant marine life swimming around you!

Float Back And Relax

Don’t underestimate swimming around the Rainbow Reef, you’ll definitely be left exhausted. My legs felt as if they had been replaced by little jellyfish.

The best way to end your entire trip is by grabbing a float and relaxing in the Adventure River. Drift aimlessly through tunnels and look up at the marine life swimming above you, pretend to be Indiana Jones as the river takes you through caves or just sit and stare at the stingrays through the glass.

An ideal time to enjoy the Adventure River is definitely closer to the end of the day where the sun’s starting to go down and it’s a lot cooler.

With multiple rides catering to just about anyone, there’s bound to be something you can do at Adventure Cove Waterpark. In addition to the rides in the park that will leave you more waterlogged than a clogged pipe, you can also visit Dolphin Island, or feed and touch the rays at Ray Bay.

Seriously though, wa-ter you waiting for? This beats swimming laps aimlessly up and down a swimming pool.

Getting To Adventure Cove Waterpark

Sentosa Express Monorail (Level 3, VivoCity), Alight at Waterfront Station and walk to Adventure Cove – S$4 | Bus from VivoCity bus stop number 14141, alight at Resorts World Sentosa and walk to Adventure Cove – S$2 | Walk from VivoCity, Sentosa Boardwalk

Ticket Prices: S$38 for Adult day tickets, S$30 for children and seniors. S$34 for tickets purchased with Klook.

Adventure Cove Waterpark: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 089269 | Website | Facebook | Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm daily

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