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84-Year Old Laundry Shop Owner Couple Turns Uncollected Clothes Into Mini Fashion Project

Imagine you have been operating a laundrette all your life, some customers left their laundry for wash but have not paid and collect them even after 10 years? That many years of business would translate to wardrobes of unpaid and uncollected garments. That’s precisely the predicament of veteran owners—grandpa Wan Ji and Grandma Xiu’e—of a laundry shop in Taiwan.

Instead of the usual approach of discarding or donating them, the adorable 84-year old couple turned these clothes into an entertaining fashion project along with their grandson.

Credit – @wantshowasyoung

In the photos taken by their grandson, the adorable grandparents morphed into fashionistas and dressed in swanky top-to-toe outfits. Check out these vogue-worthy photos as they strike poses around their Wan Xiu launderette.

Their complementary outfits are simply adorable and so endearing—enough to make the hardest of hearts melt.

It is no wonder why these hypebeast grandparents have garnered over 69k followers on their Instagram in just less than a month. Here’s them thanking their followers for their enthusiasm and support in this mini milestone!

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