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7 Reasons To Choose Surface Pro 7 Over The iPad Pro

Apple is my religion. For years, they’ve been the crown ruler of my tech life, slowly taking me through AirPods, iPhones, and Macbooks. However, the emerging Surface Pro machines over the years, have made me cast some doubts. With the release of the Surface Pro 7(SP 7), I’m proud to announce that despite my stubborn nature, I’m now an avid Microsoft fan.

From performance and features to the value at its price, there’s no question that when contended alongside the iPad Pro, the SP 7 stands as the clear victor. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Superiority in Functionality


The SP 7 represents a fully-fledged desktop platform with Windows 10 and comes with a diverse range of software installed. It is designed as a hybrid notebook–both a laptop and a tablet–whereas the iPad Pro is simply a tablet featuring a mobile operating system(OS). 

The SP 7, runs full Windows 10 and behaves like a traditional laptop offering you the true desktop experience despite its compact nature and portability. The iPad Pro, however, even despite improvements in its OS, can’t handle workflow the same way as Windows 10. It is merely a tablet with strong computing aspirations.

2. Connectivity With Convenience


The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 brings ease to all your connection needs through its port selection. It boasts both the USB Type-C as well as USB Type-A connector which is perfect for your legacy devices, external peripherals and flash drives. The device also includes a Surface Connect port, microSD slot, and a 3.5mm audio jack so you don’t have to stress over spending more on adaptors. 

If that’s not enough to match up to your demands, there’s also an additional USB Type-A port on the charging device so you can use it as long as you have the charger with you. The Apple iPad Pro, however, offers only one single USB Type-C connector. 

3. Ease of Usage & Practicality

The SP 7 with its built-in kickstand combined with the Type Cover provides endless flexibility in angles. The hinge allows you to readily adjust the tilt of the SP7 to match your intended position and maximize dexterity. The Type Cover can also easily be disconnected for you to angle the SP 7 for ideal usage of the Surface Pen. 

To compare, the iPad Pro can only be popped up with the help of a smart keyboard cover. Even with that, it at best only offers two viewing angles which limits freedom in positioning. This makes it quite inconvenient as you have to accommodate to the limitations posed by the device while doing your work.

4. Unlimited Access To Applications


When it comes to external applications, the iPad Pro leaves you shortchanged. Work-essential programmes such as Adobe, Lightroom, and Microsoft cannot be fully utilised by iPadOS system as it is not designed to support the complete versions of these programs.

Contrastingly, SP 7’s revolutionary intel chip can run any programme on the market. Developers don’t even have to worry about converting the application to Reference Model(RM) based architecture because everything works from the get-go. From editing software to casual gaming, the Intel’s Gen11 graphics are sure to amaze you.

5. Unbeatable Accessories


The accessories for the SP 7 won me over with its features. The Type Cover keyboard features a trackpad along with tactile and well spaced-out keys. It is also better than it’s Apple counterpart for all-day usage as it provides more key travel and backlighting. 

Also, the ergonomics on the Surface Pen supersedes that of the Apple Pencil. The Surface Pen features a clickable button that activates a whiteboard upon pressing—bringing accessibility to note-taking. It also has distinct characteristics such as a fine point of input and an eraser at the top back end. Overall, the experience on the Surface Pen feels more natural and mimics regular writing better than the Apple Pencil and would earn my vote any day.

6. The Range of Options


Surface Pro 7 has hardware for every budget. Unlike the iPad Pro that offers a single processor, the SP 7 provides different options to suit your needs. Offering i3, i5 and i7 processors, there’s a version available for every Microsoft Enthusiast.

If you’re using the device for school-related tasks, then the i3 is adequate. However, if you intend to do light video editing or more intensive photo editing, opt for the i5 with 8GB of ram. You can even go further with the quad-core i7 with 16GB of ram for faster processing of your heavy work. With the wide selection offered by SP 7, you only have to pay the price of what you need—no more nor less. 

7. Less Money, More Value


Considering the price of the devices inclusive of its basic accessories, the SP 7 is undeniably cheaper. Good news is that Microsoft is also offering discounts on their site.

With the current promotion, purchasing the Surface Pro 7 i5 with 8GB ram and 256GB storage along with the Type Cover and Surface Pen will only cost you S$1,848. However, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro in 256GB alone costs S$1,719. This doesn’t even include the 3rd Gen Smart Keyboard Folio and 2nd Gen Apple Pen which are an additional S$299 and S$189 respectively.

Overall, SP 7 is a better investment. Microsoft’s Surface line is supported with software and updates that last a decade on average. Meanwhile, Apple typically abandons iPad hardware within four years of release. Which means you have to switch to a new one once the time is up. This seems rather unappealing to my wallet.

In short, the SP 7 is a more versatile jack-of-all-trades device with a bristling software ecosystem and specifications that optimizes your workflow and productivity. The processor upgrade helps with performance in creative apps, improving the overall experience. With it’s lower cost and base-model that is several hundred dollars cheaper than Apple’s, there’s not much of a question in determining which device reigns victorious. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 | Purchase Here

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