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6 Products To Buy Now to Fight Dengue in Singapore ⁠— And Win

It seems that Singaporeans have been battling the Aedes mosquito for what seems like forever. If you’re unaware, the Aedes mosquito spreads Dengue fever and is caused by one of the four dengue viruses that it carries. If you’ve been bitten by one of the four viruses before, you will develop natural immunity against one but not against the other three. It is also possible to be infected by all four viruses in a lifetime.

Dengue fever is prevalent in Singapore as our climate provides the perfect breeding ground for the Aedes mosquito. Currently, there is no cure or specific treatment for Dengue fever, and in some extreme cases, catching this virus can lead to death. Singapore has taken steps to stop the spread of this preventable disease with initiatives such as NEA house inspections and national campaigns such as the National Dengue Prevention Campaign 2020.

At the end of the day, it is better to be safe than sorry. Preventing the Aedes mosquito from breeding in our homes is easier than you think. If you want to be extra cautious, here are six products to help you fight against Dengue to ensure that you don’t have to suffer through unnecessary pain.

1. USB Powered UV LED Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp

The beauty of this product lies in its ability to attract mosquitos with its LED UV light. When used in the dark, mosquitos would be drawn to the light, and the 360 degrees in-built fan would suck the mosquito into its trap. After being sucked into the device, the mosquitoes would go through the anti-escape funnel and finally into a thickened mosquito box where these pests would dry out and be left to die.

Price: S$14.80
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2. Mosquito Dunk Briquettes

These Mosquito Dunk Briquettes are NEA-registered and work in a very simple way. Simply place a Mosquito Dunk in any standing water such as plant vases and let it work its magic. This product uses BTI, a bacterial toxin that only affects mosquito larvae and will not affect plants, fish or humans. These Mosquito Dunks are effective for up to 30 days and can treat up to 100 square feet of water.

Price: S$32
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3. 3000V Mosquito Swatter

If you’ve gone prawning before, you’d probably be familiar with this device. To think that back in the day, our parents only had the luxury of a plastic swatter. The electric swatter has a grid voltage of 3000V, ensuring that pesky mosquito will immediately die upon contact. There’s also a battery capacity of 1200 mAh that charges via USB. This swatter is as effective when used in a stationary position in its charging dock.

Price: S$13.90
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4. Bamboo Pulp Mosquito Coils

If you’re more into old school methods of keeping mosquitos away, perhaps you’ll be interested in these Bamboo Pulp Mosquito Coils. The advantages of using a bamboo pulp mosquito coil is that it is less pungent compared to traditional coils and is more environmentally friendly. One pack comes with ten coils, and each coil can burn for up to 12 hours.

Price: S$5.70
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5. Portable Mosquito Coil Holder

Now that you have your coils, you need something to put them in. I suggest this portable coil holder. This coil holder is made from durable galvanized steel, and its hollowed design will effectively let the smoke of the coil flow out evenly. Gone are the worries of accidentally knocking over a coil or getting burned by the ignited end of the coil. Its compact design will also allow you to place it in any part of the house that seems to attract more of these pesky pests.

Price: S$8.80
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6. Mosquito Patch

Mosquito patches are essential for when you have to brave the outside world. These Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patches are child friendly and do not contain deet. Each patch comes individually wrapped, and a single box comes with 22 patches.

Price: S$15.50
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