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5 Mobile Photo-Editing Apps That Will Have You Cashing In The Double Taps On Instagram

Mobile photo-editing and video-editing apps are not only incredibly convenient, they’re also user-friendly and idiot-proof. I’m sure we’re all familiar with apps like VSCO and Snapseed that can help you achieve a consistent look and feel while yielding almost professional results.

However, besides these common apps, here are five mobile apps that will have you cashing in the double taps on Instagram. 

1. Floment

Notice how the clouds appear to be drifting over the sky in a manner that resembles a timelapse? Would you believe me if I told you that this gif was actually created from a still image?

The beauty of the Floment app lies in its ability to turn still images into animated photos. The end result is seriously impressive and the process is pretty easy to master too!

I’ve masked the buildings in this photo, as you can see from the red outlines around them.

To start off, click on the mask tool to shade over the areas where you don’t want to see any movement.

After that, use the animate tool to add directional arrows to the areas where you want the image to appear to move.

The trick is to add small and short arrows so that the movement seems more natural. Swipe the bottom bar to the left to adjust the speed of movement using the speed toggle.

Price: Free download, S$4.48 to remove watermark | App link

2. Afterlight

Afterlight is an all-in-one photo-editing app. Just like most photo-editing apps, it allows you to slap on filters or tweak your photo’s brightness, saturation, contrast, et cetera.

However, the most unique feature of the app is that it allows you to light leak filters to your images.

The light leaks resemble those produced in old-school film photography and makes your photos look slightly more vintage and retro.

To amp up this effect, you can even add dust textures and scratches to your photos. This “dusty filter” is great for giving photos a more nostalgic effect.

Another interesting feature of Afterlight is the various options for frames.

My favourite is the Instant Film option, which adds a Polaroid border around your photo. Now it looks like you’ve scanned a bona fide polaroid photo into your phone!

Price: Free download, add-ons such as Instant Film frames start from S$1.48 | App link

3. Carve

Carve is my go-to app when it comes to editing videos on-the-go — I really adore the versatility of this app.

Toggle between the various adjustments or choose a filter to change the look of your videos.

The app is crammed full of useful features. For instance, you can adjust elements like brightness,  saturation and contrast, or even rotate the orientation of your videos.

Other toggles allow you to trim the length of the video and you can even resize it, or choose the final resolution of your video.

Besides adjusting the video’s visual appearance, you’re also able to add in soundtracks or remove the video’s original sound.

Price: Free | App link

4. PicsArt

Typography credit: Jasmine Dowling

PicsArt‘s most useful feature is its add photo function, which I use primarily to create montages or to add overlays to my photos.

Some examples of overlays are simple doodles and quotes. Though they’re usually available in png format, it works if the background is black or white too.

To add an overlay in PicsArt, swipe left on the bottom bar and click on the add photo button.

Typography Credit: Jasmine Dowling

If your overlay has a black background, toggle to the blend mode and select lighten/ screen. Conversely, if the overlay has a white background, choose the multiply option.

Other features of this app is that you can use it to doodle on your photos and you can choose from a wide range of stickers from PicArt’s clipart gallery.

You can also add texts to your photos, with an extensive font selection to choose from.

Price: Free download | App link

5. Inshot

Inshot is very useful for Insta-stories, where you often find yourself having to scale your photos and videos to avoid Instagram’s default cropping.

Start by choosing whether you’re working with a photo or video.

After that, your image/ video will be layered over a canvas and you have the option of changing the canvas size.


If you’re resizing your footage for social media, the app has the recommended dimensions for typical formats like Facebook posts, Twitter posts and Instagram portraits or squares.

To adjust the size of your photos, simply pinch the image to enlarge it or to shrink it. It works the same way for videos too!

Also, there are many options for backgrounds — you can choose from a spectrum of solid colours or set the background as a blurred version of your original image.

Other features of the app includes allowing you to insert text and even adorable stickers. For videos you also have the option of adding in a soundtrack.

Price: Free | App link


I love how these apps are great for editing on the go and they provide so much versatility and variety. Download these apps and try them out for yourself to surprise your friends with your new and improved photo-editing skills!

Mobile Photo-Editing and Video-Editing Apps: Floment, Afterlight, Carve, PicsArt, Inshot

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