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36: This ‘Korean-Themed’ Club Is Bringing Gangnam Style To Beach Road

Of all the things that I expected to be exported from South Korea, I would have thought that clubbing would be higher up on the list. FI-NA-LY!

36, located in the heart of South Beach Quarter along Beach Road, brings a refreshing yet authentic Korean nightlife experience to the Singaporean scene.

Featuring a breathtaking neon aesthetic, the futuristic yet intimate space can hold up to 200 people.

Wired up for an intense K-style party experience, DJ Queenzell, the resident DJ has travelled all the way from Korea to our little red dot to bring her clever blend of hip-hop bangers and electronic music.

There will even be a distinct K-touch to the music with a sprinkle of Jay Park, G-Dragon or even Keith Ape to make the experience at 36, unlike any other.

Rumour has it that 36 is so serious about authenticity that it even upholds the ‘tissue-throwing’ tradition found in clubs in Korea! Now wouldn’t that be a sight?

A Korean-themed club in the heart of the city? All I have to say is… it’s about time!

Prices: S$30 for Men, Free For The Ladies All Night Long! (you read that right)

36: South Beach Quarter, 36 Beach Road #02-02, Singapore 189766 | Opening Hours: (Wed & Fri) 10pm – 3am, (Sat) 10pm – 4am | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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