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| On 4 years ago

23andMe: Trace Back To Your Ancestral Roots With Only A Sample Of Your Saliva

23andMe will illuminate you with truths about your DNA, pinpointing your genetic codes to specific continents around the world, revealing your entire family tree.

For a nominal sum of about S$135, you will receive a test kit when you order online. All you’ll have to do is collect a sample of your saliva in a test tube that will be sent back to the labs for processing. It currently takes around six to eight weeks to get your results but they’re working to speed up the process.

Folks who have explored this service have found traces of DNA from unimaginable parts of the globe, and sometimes even have their beliefs disproven. You really could be half-Korean or half-Japanese, for all we know.

Ever wanted to tell your friends that you have mixed blood and actually have proof of it? Your answers are just a saliva test away.

Price: S$135

23andMe: Website | Facebook

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