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Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen: Just One Application Will Keep Your Brows On Fleek For A Week

Drawing my brows is my least favourite part of my makeup routine because it is often a hit or a miss. Having overdrawn or uneven brows is one unbearable makeup sin.

I alternated between crayons and styling gels but I’ve never really found a way to keep my eyebrows on fleek.

Us with badly drawn eyebrows

Gone were the days when I had a fringe to hide my brows, making it even more pressing to up my eyebrow game. If you’re sick of uneven or overdrawn brows like we are, the Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen from Korea may be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

We removed our existing eyebrow makeup and were all ready to put the product to the test!

We heard wonders about this Yurica Tattoo Pen and got it in Dark Brown. Dark Grey is also available if you usually go for black brows.

If you’re looking for a lighter shade, opt for the Natural Brown.

When you open the packaging, you will find a tattoo pen with an in-built brush for easy application. The product also comes with three sets of eyebrow stencils with varying thickness.

You can apply it freehand but it is probably best if you follow the stencils given to avoid making mistakes. After all, the aim of this product is to prevent you from having uneven brows.

There were stencils with three different brow thickness. I thought I would be using the thinnest but the thickest stencil turned out to be the best fit for my brows.

Maybe Koreans just have really thin brows.

Align the stencil properly and hold it in place. If it shifts during the application, you could end up with an uneven brow shape.

I would recommend that you get someone to apply it for you since it is best to keep your eyes closed during the application. It may also be rather hard for you to hold the stencil while trying to apply the gel on your own.

Spread the gel evenly across the entire brow. The eyebrow gel felt cool against my brow and the entire process was super comfortable.

Once you’re done, take the stencil off your face. There is bound to be some gel left on the stencil but you can wipe it off easily.

Even with the stencil on your brow, the gel may seep in and land on areas outside your brow shape. You have to wipe off the excess with makeup remover.

I recommend using makeup remover wipes instead of makeup remover oil for a faster and more effective tidy-up.

You will now have to bear with the look (and everyone else’s judgement) for an hour. I certainly gathered many amused reactions from my friends.

After one hour

After an hour, the gel hardened and it could be peeled off easily.

It was fun to peel the eyebrow gel off. The sensation was like ripping a bandaid off, minus the pain. This was actually my favourite part of the whole process.

No eyebrow hairs were lost in the making of this article. The hardened gel looked just like an eyebrow but the texture was like a sticker.

The Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is a fantastic way for you to get natural-looking eyebrows. A friend commented that my brows looked almost the same as when I drew them myself, except that they looked a lot neater.

Yes, you may think that the brows may look a little too dark now but fret not, for they are meant to fade over the course of one week.

My verdict is that this product is a gift from the makeup gods because the effect looks just like that of eyebrow embroidery. Eyebrow embroidery costs several hundreds of dollars and can hurt quite a lot.

This tattoo pen is made for people like me, who have a low pain tolerance and budget. You’re welcome!

Price: S$16.75 (S$19.65 including shipping fees)

Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen: Website | Available online at Qoo10

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