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Weeeee! Never Lose Your Hair Ties Again With the Innovative and Beautiful Wee Bands

Letting your hair down in our hot and humid country for the whole day is almost unheard of. Unless you’re indoors most of the day, it’s virtually impossible to not have your hair stick on the back of your neck with sweat.

Solution: tie your hair up. But here lies another issue: you can never find a hair tie when you absolutely need one.

Credit – Wee Bands

And when you do have a hair tie, it’ll either be too tight and leave marks on your wrist or be so loose that it’ll slip off your wrist as you go about your day. There’s also the inconvenient truth that hair ties will eventually lose their elasticity with use over time. This is where Wee Bands come in.

Credit – Wee Bands

Founded by social media influencer, Daphne Wee, Wee Bands solves the very simple problem of ‘where’s my hair tie?’ with functionality and style. A Wee Band consists of two things—a hair type cuff, which is essentially a bangle with an indent and, most importantly, a hair tie. The hair tie sits sandwiched in the well of the cuff. Make the cuff an everyday accessory and never forget your hair tie ever again.

Credit – Wee Bands

On top of Wee Bands, you can purchase different hair ties in a pack of six from a trove of colours. Get a band and change up the hair tie colour to match any outfit or mood. What do you think? Will these bands ensure that you have a hair tie on you on all times now?

Price: Wee Bands – S$36 And Up; Accessories – S$4.90
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