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8 Sneaker Websites To Snag Yourself Some Limited Edition Kicks

Say there’s a new Air Jordan Retro releasing next week, or a new Adidas NMD coming your way. You want them bad, but you’re not sure where you can get them, or even how you can get them.

The very definition of exclusive sneakers is just that –  they’re going to be hard to find. But there are certain websites and phone apps that can help make your search much easier. There are raffles you can join, sites where the shipping is a little cheaper, and even a stock market for sneakers so you can bid a price that you’re comfortable with.

Here are eight sites to call dibs on some sought-after fresh kicks:

1. RMK Store

So you’ve found a pair of the 2017 Air Jordan 1 Royals online and add it to your cart excitedly, only to find out that the shipping to Singapore is a ridiculous S$80. Screw that, right? I know I ain’t paying S$80 just to ship my shoes over.

RMK Store, which is a Hong Kong-based sneaker site with a pretty impressive inventory of sneakers.

The store mainly sells sneakers but it also stocks other apparel like t-shirts, caps, and backpacks.

RMK even holds clearance sales and monthly specials with shoes at discounted prices, so you can swipe that card (or rather, key in those digits on your computer) like you’re ballin’.

The cheapest shipping option for a pair of shoes is just about S$20 (15USD). If you want to see your kicks at the earliest possible time, then bump up the option to DHL delivery for about S$38 (28USD) so you can receive the parcel within three business days. Super reasonable shipping costs, if you ask me.

RMK Store: Website

2. Saints SG

Another site where you don’t have to worry about shipping is Saints SG. This is one from our very own island; the online store has a decent stock of shoes to choose from, and shipping is 100 percent free for all local orders.

How it works is that the people at Saints source for the sneakers that you want to purchase from other overseas sellers, so that you don’t have to do all that hard work yourself.

My only gripe is that the prices seem slightly more expensive. But sometimes, if you do the math, the shipping from other sites adds up to be about the same. The good thing is, if you have a problem with your order, it’s easier to contact them because it’s based in Singapore.

Saints SG: Website

3. StockX

New York stock exchange? No, we’re not playing with that. What we’re going to play with is a stock market for sneakers. That’s right, you can track the value of the most coveted kicks in real-time.

StockX is an online marketplace for sneakers. The site has handbags and timepieces as well, but their bread and butter is the sneaker department.

You go on the site, find the shoe you want, and bid a price you think you can afford. Don’t go spending your whole fortune on a pair of shoes now.

Once you place a bid, the whole community of sneakerheads can now see your bid. If someone with the pair of shoes you want likes your offer, he or she can sell it to you immediately.

Sales data is collected to help you determine the current market value of the sneakers. You can also choose to bid higher prices in order to outbid other potential buyers; just remember not to get your fingers burnt.

StockX works like a middleman, connecting buyers and sellers from around the globe. You don’t have to worry about whether that Nike Air Yeezy is authentic or not; sellers will ship the sneakers to StockX and a team of experts will authenticate the shoes for you.

The goods will only be shipped to the buyer once they’re certified authentic. Shipping to Singapore is about S$54 (40USD). I don’t know about you, but StockX is the kind of stock market I like to track.

StockX: Website


Another fantastic site where you can make an offer you’ll be able to afford is GOAT. This actually works better as a phone app in my opinion.

The concept is similar to StockX; you find the shoe you want and you can either pay the current retail price for your goods, or make an offer and hope somebody takes you up on it.

The inventory is pretty good, and you’ll have no trouble finding any Yeezys or NMDs here.

GOAT: Website

5. END Launches

I get your pain. Sometimes we try and try but we still can’t get our hands on the newest and most hyped releases (Off-White x Nike collaboration, anybody?).

Times like these, it’s best to just let fate decide. Enter raffles, my friend.

END Launches is a great place to get a chance at grabbing those elusive sneakers. It’s really simple; exclusive shoes that are about to release in the next few days will show up on the site. If you want it, you can punch in a ticket online.

Just provide your name, email, and debit card details. END will email you if you win. After that, just sit back and not relax, because you’ll be praying hard that they draw your name.

If your name is really drawn, the order is automatically dispatched to your shipping address and the money deducted from your bank account. If you don’t win, your bank account will be left untouched. Leave it all to luck, I guess.

END Launches: Website

6. Sneakersnstuff

Sneakersnstuff is another site that holds raffles. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the store was opened back in 1999, so you can trust that they know their stuff.

The raffles work more or less the same as END Launches, but I personally prefer END Launches for the better interface. But hey, if you really want a pair of kicks, then any site will do, right?

Sneakersnstuff: Website

7. Flight Club

Flight Club. The name ring a bell? Flight Club is a legendary sneaker store, known to all sneaker aficionados. The sneaker consignment store was founded in 2005 and has served the likes of 50 Cent, Victoria Beckham, and Neymar, among countless other celebrities.

While there’s a physical store in New York and Los Angeles, that’s probably still a little out of reach . But the online store is just as good. Just a quick visit to the website and you can take a look at the massive inventory.

There’s a saying that whatever sneaker you want, Flight Club has got it. That statement stands true; whether it’s a limited edition or a vintage pair, you can probably find it there.

Flight Club: Website

8. Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is another popular consignment store. Though lacking in history as compared to Flight Club, you can still get an incredible selection of kicks on the site.

The online interface of Stadium Goods seems to be a little more polished than Flight Club, and it looks better too in my opinion. But that’s just me really nitpicking now.

The only problem with these consignment stores is the price. You better get your wallets ready if you decide to buy from Flight Club or Stadium Goods. The price to pay for a hard-to-find shoe is a high one.

These consignment stores have been criticised by some for their insane prices. They feel that the price of the sneakers are overly exaggerated and unnecessary. But oh well, if you want it that bad, then prepare to pay for it. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

Stadium Goods: Website

— —

So there you have it, a short list of websites that you can visit to buy your sought-after pair of shoes. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in each of these sites, so it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Cheap and fast shipping? Large inventory? Your money, your pick.

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