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M’sian Dad Records Son’s Voice For Waze Directions – You Can Customize It Too

Waze is not an unfamiliar application for those of us who drive or ride. But did you know, aside from the default direction navigation voice, you can configure your own audio instructions?

Credit – Twitter/@RifdiRosli

Before we tell you how, check out this tweet by Twitter user @RifdiRosli, who did just that, and used his son’s voice for that.

For those of us who do not understand Malay, the tweet translates to “Because you can record your own voice on Waze, I’ll just record my child’s voice.” The kid’s voice has melted the internet, with the video having over 365K views and the tweet itself having 36K retweets.

You can do this by simply tapping on ‘Settings’, then selecting on Voice & Sound. You then have the option at ‘Waze voice’ to change the voice that speaks to you or record your own custom voice.

Selecting ‘Record New Voice’ will cause a prompt to appear to remind you to be clear with your recordings. You will then have to give Waze access to your microphone and you are then able to select each separate command and record over it. Do not try to change any of the words though, the last thing you want is to hear an inaccurate or inaudible. Be sure to playback the recording once you are done to ensure the quality of the recording.

This is a great addition to Waze, which is already very handy when it comes to navigating away from heavy traffic. Imagine hearing his/her voice saying “All set. Let’s go!” the first thing when you boot up the application- morning drives to work will not be mundane anymore.

Waze: Website

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