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Vendetta.SG: 5 Quirky Household Items & Novelty Lifestyle Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most of us should already be acquainted with the likes of Lazada, Redmart or even Taobao — but last weekend I chanced upon a relatively new entrant into the e-commerce market, Vendetta.SG.

Vendetta prides itself as a one-stop solution for novelty items suitable for all occasions. And me being a sucker for novelty products, of course had to order a few to try out.

Thankfully, this is where Vendetta steps in, as a convenient e-commerce website that offers a variety of lifestyle and household products with a touch of quirkiness.

I placed an order for a total of five items through the website, which cost S$56.60 in total. I opted for delivery (S$4), which promised to take three to 10 days to reach my house, and true enough my parcel was promptly delivered in a couple of days.

Here’s what I bought from Vendetta:

The team behind Vendetta even threw in a free mystery gift (which ended up being a 3D Massager) as I had spent above S$60. How nice of them!

1. Energy Efficient LED Lightbulb

The first product is the Energy Efficient LED Lightbulb (S$14.90), a smart bulb that boasts of working even during a power shortage, as it has an emergency supply of power that can last between two to four hours. 

This smart bulb apparently saves up to 70% energy as compared to regular bulbs and it is three times brighter, which seems pretty impressive if you ask me.

In the video published by Vendetta, the bulb is seen dipped in water and it miraculously lit up. I tried it for myself and it really worked like some kind of magic trick!

2. Fixate Gel Pads

The second product is the Fixate Gel Pads (S$5.90 for two). It comes in a set of two, shaped in circle and triangle. Upon taking them out of the package, the gel pads were really sticky and strong as well!

To use, you may stick the pads onto any surface.

Then place an item on it. I successfully stuck my iPhone 7 and keys onto them without much hassle, and both the items held on strong. I’m impressed.

You’ll be happy to know that these gel pad will not leave any stain when removed, and can be reused again.

3. Vendetta Magic Wall Hook

Next up, we have the Vendetta Magic Wall Hook (S$5.90 for two). The wall hooks are apparently quite “magical”, as it can hold a 5kg rice bag without coming off from the wall.

The hook was able to withstand the weight of my backpack, and mind you, I had my laptop and charger inside. You can also hang clothes, portraits and clocks — pretty much anything that has something to hook it onto.

The wall hook seemed to do its job pretty well, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on irregular surfaces.

4. Titan Twist Mop

The next product is the Titan Twist Mop (S$20, with two additional cloths). With this mop, you only need to twist it and all the dirt collected will be rinsed off and removed with a simple twist.

Truth be told, I’m not one to do regular chores at home. However, the mop was quite easy to use and did its job well.

It did take a few tries for me to figure out how to get to the “twisting” motion and ended up letting my mother try instead. The verdict: it definitely helped to save time for her. Get this mop for your mum and earn some brownie points!

5. Pulling Chopper

The last product is the Pulling Chopper (S$9.90). This cutesy little container with blades inside will help to cut your vegetables and fruits into tiny little pieces.

The blades are rather sharp, so be careful when handling it!

Cut up some vegetables until they can fit into the container. I used a cucumber for the demonstration.

Pull the string multiple times and voila! Finely chopped vegetables in just a few pulls. A nifty kitchen product to cut down the time spent in the kitchen.

HYPE & STUFF readers, you’re in luck. Use the discount code “HYPEANDSTUFF” to get 5% off your orders when you order with Vendetta. A minimum purchase of S$20 is required, and the code will be valid until 31 August 2017. Hurry and shop away!

Price: S$1.99 – S$299.99 per product  

Vendetta.SG: YS-ONE, 1 Yishun Street 23, #03-23, Singapore 768441 | Website | Facebook

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