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Unlock Your Smartphone With a Lookalike N95 Mask – Fixing Facial Recognition Woes During COVID-19 Outbreak

The streaming headlines and memes of the COVID-19 outbreak and the increased demand for surgical face masks have brought much frenzy and anxiety to the masses. Surgical masks may prevent you from the Coronavirus, but with it comes inconveniences, such as restricting access to your smartphone that uses facial recognition security.

Credit – Resting Risk Face

The fresh idea of printing your face image onto surgical masks strives to fix this predicament. Danielle Baskin, the CEO of, has come with Resting Risk Face, Face ID compatible respirator masks, which aims to bring you greater convenience by eliminating the trouble of removing your mask just to unlock your smart device using biometric data.

Credit – Resting Risk Face

The Resting Risk Face masks are made using N95 respirators. With the adoption of computational mapping methodology and an upload of your face, key facial features are converted into multi-dimensional images. These processed pictures are then printed based on the masks’ contour to avoid any distortions, yet looking as close to your facial image as possible. Furthermore, even the straps are customized to your skin tone, thus, giving the masked face a more authentic appearance. At first glance. some people might not even notice you are wearing a mask!

Is this mask a joke? Or is it actually real?

“Yes. No. We’re not sure,” states the website. “Viruses are not a joke. Wash your hands when you can. And get vaccines when you can.”

The Resting Risk Face mask is currently at the developmental stage. However, when it is available for sale, is will be retailed at U$40 (approx. S$55.62) per mask on their website.

Price: U$40 (approx. S$55.62)

Resting Risk Face | Website

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