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Two Of A Kind: Contact Lenses Delivered To Your Doorstep For Only S$35/Mth In Singapore

Having been an avid user of contact lenses for the past 10 years, the high costs have burnt a hole in my pocket. I grew up wearing monthly lenses but following a previous eye injury, I had to change to wearing dailies.

Averaging at S$117 for a month’s supply, news of a far cheaper alternative caught my attention. I figured I’d have to see it to believe it.

The Only Contact Lenses Subscription Service In Singapore

Located on the 3rd floor of an unassuming building along North Canal Road lies the optical studio named Two Of A Kind.

It is currently the newest (and only) subscription service on the market for contact lenses in Singapore. While different from other subscription services, it proves to be a game-changer as contact lenses have grown into a necessity for many people. 

Stepping into the studio, the minimalistic design of the interior caught my heart. The ambience exuded a certain warmness which was a stark contrast to the prim-and-proper optometric clinic I’d been expecting. 

While I loved the overall vibe of the studio, it was nothing compared to the warm welcome that founders Darryn and Javad extended to me.

From White-Collar Workers To Entrepreneurs

As the optometrist took care of the administrative proceedings that came before the mandatory eye check, they shared their journey of how they went from white-collar workers to entrepreneurs.

With their eyesight imperfections, they’ve experienced the pain of contact lens consumers first-hand. The high costs and discomfort inspired them to produce a cheaper alternative without compromising on quality.

In 2016, they ventured into research and development of possible alternatives. After two years, they successfully produced a line of contact lenses that have passed the strict scrutiny of the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) board.

Casey, the eye consultant, assisted me with the eye check. From ascertaining that their lens’ curvature would fit my eyes, to troubleshooting the problems I had with my current set of lenses, he covered them all.

He was meticulous throughout the process, even pointing out problems like the residual effect of my previous eye injury. 

It took a longer period of time to test for my degree than usual, but he explained that it was due to my astigmatism and he was trying to mimic my degree as best as he could. 

I was given a pair to try on the spot, to ensure the fit and degree was to my comfort; they felt more comfortable than the lenses I had on before.

Following which, he continued to run a few more tests to confirm the compatibility of my eyes with these lenses. Their insistence on ensuring that the lenses I went home with was as close to perfection astounded me. 

I Wore These Lenses For The Next Five Days

Despite not making a commitment to make a subsequent purchase, I left the studio that day with five pairs of trial lenses completely free-of-charge. With year-long subscriptions starting at a mere S$35/month, it was hard to stop myself from immediately signing up, but I needed to see if they would work for me first.

I wore these lenses for the next five days to judge how they would fair, given my extended usage of nearly 14 hours every day. To my surprise, they stood up to the test.

My eyes usually tear up at the eighth or ninth hour of wear, as an instinctive reaction to curb the dryness but these lenses stayed comfortable and moist, and gave me clear vision throughout the day.

At the moment, they only offer clear, daily contact lenses that do not cater to those with astigmatism like myself. Instead, they’ll help you bump up the degree to get as close to clear vision as you can.

However, do note that these do not measure up to the lenses that are made-to-order for those with astigmatism. But fret not– Two Of A Kind is looking into producing lens suited for astigmatism in 2019. Hurrah! 

Oh, and be sure to make a prior appointment to reduce your waiting time. So long, overpriced contacts! 

Prices: S$35 – S$48 per month (1-year subscription)

Two Of A Kind: 39B North Canal Road, Singapore 059295 | Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 1pm – 6pm (Sat, by appointment only), 11am – 4pm (Sun, by appointment only) | Facebook | Website

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