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Touch ‘n Go M’sia Introduces Fund Transfer Functions With Banks And eWallets

A netizen once commented that when visiting Malaysia, the most important thing to have, besides your passport, is your Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet. The TNG eWallet is a widely known payment application used to pay road charges at various checkpoints and toll terminals in Malaysia.

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TNG Digital announced that they will be integrated into the PayNet’s DuitNow ecosystem by July 2020. DuitNow is a payment service that enables users to send and receive funds based on mobile numbers, identity card numbers or business registration numbers. This is akin to the PayNow service in Singapore.

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The unifying of DuitNow QR code spells good news to both merchants and end-users. For merchants, only one QR code will be required to receive payments from over million of banks or eWallet account holders. For users, this erases the hassle to verify the acceptance of their eWallet against the multiple QR codes displayed at the cashier.

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TNG has approximately 135,000 participating merchants, ranging from food and beverages, home and living to even online merchants. Singaporeans traveling to Malaysia can conveniently load their TNG eWallet with their credit card and travel with a peace of mind.

TNG eWallet, is an indispensable necessity when you travel to Malaysia. Remember, 1) Passport; and 2) your TNG eWallet.

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