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| On 3 years ago

THEFACESHOP’s Latest Dr. Belmeur Advanced Line Is Here To Save Your Damaged Skin

With our skin constantly battered by harsh elements — strong sunlight one moment and simmering humidity the next — it’s little wonder that we’re prone to damaged skin.

Prevention is the best cure, with sunblock going a long way in protecting our skin against external stressors.

However, with our often hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to forget about protecting our face before leaving the house. Hence, THEFACESHOP‘s latest release, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Line will help to repair the damage while reinforcing our skin against further aggressors.

The Dr. Belmeur Advanced Line comprises four products: the Advanced Cica Recovery Serum (S$44), Advanced Cica Recovery Cream (S$44), Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Mark (S$4.90) and Advanced Cica Recovery Hand Cream (S$16).

Cica refers to Centella Asiatic Extract, one of the main active ingredients in the range, which helps in the regeneration of damaged skin. This ingredient gained popularity in the Korean beauty industry towards the end of 2017, with many brands launching different products containing this ingredient.

Other key ingredients contain anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen the skin while forming a moisture barrier to keep out the pollution.

My favourite from the range is the Advanced Cica Recovery Serum, which I’ve been using daily for almost a month now. It’s said to be a firming serum that moisturises, repairs and strengthens the skin.

I really like how the serum is pumped out as an ointment-like texture but dries down to a velvety finish after I’ve patted it into my skin. I can’t stand facial products that leave a sticky residue so thankfully this dries to a non-sticky finish that resembles a primer-finish.

The Advanced Cica Recovery Cream is a little thicker than its serum counterpart. This cream helps in maintaining a long-lasting moisturising effect.

However, due to the heavier finish, I wouldn’t apply it during the day since my skin has a tendency to get oily. This would be a great night cream, while the serum is great for both day and night.

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Since the whole range is made from pure and gentle ingredients, it’s especially ideal for sensitive skin and even acne-prone skin. The products also contain anti-aging properties. Did you know that it’s essential to start adding anti-aging skincare to your routines from the age of 25 onwards?

One last nugget of information: Dr. Belmeur is actually a fictional character and stems from two root words — belle and humour. Bet you didn’t know that either, huh?

Price: S$4.90 – S$44

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Line: Various THEFACESHOP Outlets | Website | Facebook

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