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The Hitoren V4.0 By WonderForce: Customise Your Very Own Lightsaber In Singapore For Epic Star Wars-Inspired Duels

If you’re a true fan of the Star Wars franchise, you’ve probably wet yourself a little just by reading the the title. WonderForce Custom Lightsaber presents The Hitoren — is the cheapest customisable lightsaber to date, as soon as their Kickstarter campaign ends.

Lightsaber dueling is growing rapidly in popularity. because it’s pretty much the dream of every Star Wars fan. And, it’s a great way for Jedi or Sith wannabes to work up a sweat. However, lightsabers usually cost a few hundred dollars, a price that’s usually enough to make dreams of recreating epic galactic duels in far away planets come crashing back down to Earth.

However, based on The Hitoren’s Kickstarter campaign, it’ll be in the region of S$130 for a basic set. If you opt for the Hitoren Saber Master Pack, you’ll be able to choose the colour of your lightsaber on the fly; think of it like one of those tacky mood rings. Except this is a lightsaber… which is way cooler. 

Price: Starting from S$130

WonderForce Custom Lightsaber: The Hitoren | Facebook | Website

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