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| On 2 years ago

The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore: Channel Your Inner Sherlock Holmes At Orchard Road

The Escape Hunt isn’t just another escape room in Singapore. It is a one of a kind experience that is guaranteed to be challenging and mind-boggling — a test of your hidden Sherlock Holmes abilities.

A lover of anything mystery and horror related, escape rooms are always my go-to activity when I’m in need of a routine change (from my movies, shopping and food hangout dates).

What makes this place different is its focus on customer service and puzzle-based escape room mysteries. I was immediately welcomed by an Asian-European ambience when I first stepped into the place. With its central location (in Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall) and a huge lounge, it’s the perfect place for team-bonding events.

Choose from three games and be given exclusive access to one of the rooms with your buddies. You can book a room for up to six players ($76) or if you have a group of 7 – 12 players, book two rooms to compete for the fastest timings.

Game masters will immediately get you started once you have settled down and checked in, giving you a brief introduction of your selected game. Head to your escape room in minutes and get the final four letters to unlock the key within 60 minutes or less.

The Games

The Secret Assignment

The Secret Assignment is Escape Hunt’s signature. It is a team-based game as it requires multiple brains and hands to coordinate cracking codes.

Tasked as a secret agent from the government to infiltrate Master Chen’s office, you are on a mission to stop the nuclear launch by Chen Corporation, a powerful Chinese entity.

In 60 minutes, you have to link up all the clues you can possibly find and crack the most unexpected codes to unlock various rooms in order to stop the nuclear launch.

The Whitechapel Murderer

The Whitechapel Murderer is for all the horror/thriller lovers out there. You are transported back to 1888 in a secret den of the most dangerous and wanted serial killer in history.

As famous London detectives, you and your friends have an hour to investigate his den and expose his true identity before he returns and makes you his next victim. Locked in a jail-themed room with plenty of horror elements, you will be scared out of your wits by the music and lights.

Mystery 27

Mystery 27 happens in your dressing room an hour before the clock strikes 12 and you turn 27. You are part of a group of musicians who have tragically died at the age 27. As a famous rock-star, solve the mystery with stories that you have to unfold, or you may be the next one to join the “27 club”.

Though 60 minutes may sound like plenty of time, we ended up pretty stressed out when we were left puzzled by what the clues really meant. The funniest part about playing as a team was the ‘whoo hoo‘ moment when we finally figured out what the clues really meant — the best part of being Sherlock Holmes.

Bonus Sneak Peeks

As part of the Escape Hunt experience, I can’t divulge too much to ruin the suspense and fun but here are some snapshots to tempt you to personally experience one of these games.

I enjoyed how mind-blowing each puzzle was as the puzzles and codes to crack weren’t as straightforward as those that I have experienced elsewhere.

Also, I loved that the game masters went the extra mile to ensure that we weren’t too stuck at each stage. With their professional help, they still retained the thrill by allowing us to ultimately solve the mystery ourselves.

Complimentary tea is served with cookies at the lounge to calm your overly-excited mind after escaping the room.

To complete your experience, dress up and get one of your photos taken in front of the Escape Hunt sign to commemorate your day.

Gather your group of Sherlock Holmes wannabes and sign up for a game now!

Here’s a Special Hint: There isn’t an immediate clue that is presented to you when you get started so when the timer starts ticking, start rummaging and cracking your brains.

The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore: 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, #02-43, Singapore 238840 | Tel: +65 6100 0828 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am – 10pm | Website | Facebook

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