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10 Subscription Boxes In Singapore For That Bit Of Excitement Every Month

Subscription boxes are not unheard of in Singapore. The thing about them is that they are super convenient and because we are all busy people, the existence of these boxes has certainly made life easier.

Couple that with the thrill and surprise in unboxing and you have yourselves a monthly treat. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of subscription boxes that you can consider for a bit of regular pampering.

-For The Female Fashionistas-

1. Club Lowinsky

There are times when you are simply too busy to shop and when you finally get the chance, you realise that you’re a little behind the trends. That’s where Club Lowinsky comes in and (hopefully) saves the day.

Pay only $60 a month to have a personal stylist handpick a selection (worth $120) of clothing and accessories based on your style profile. Club Lowinsky also accepts your feedback to further improve your future packages. Talk about good customer service.

Price: $60 per month

Lowinsky: Website

2. StyleTheory

For those who dig designer labels but always wince at the price tag, you are in for a treat.

StyleTheory has come up with a novel idea of providing its subscribers with unlimited designer clothes for a reasonable price (S$129).

Expect Australian fashion labels such as Keepsake and Cameo, or the Olsen twins’ couture fashion label Elizabeth and James. You will be spoilt for choice as you browse through their unlimited virtual wardrobe.

Pick three items of your choice and they will arrive in “ready to wear” conditions.

Wear (or keep) them for as long as you want and when you decided to change, simply return them in the prepaid package and you are free to select your next box of fashion goodies.

Price: $129 per month 

StyleTheory: Website

3. HerVelvetVase MoodBox

Fancy tailoring what you wear to how you feel? HerVelvetVase brings subscription box services to a whole new level with their unique HVV Mood Box.

Simply sign up for the subscription service you want, then fill in your monthly moods (Glamorous, Sparkly, Edgy and more) and eagerly wait while they curate the sets of attire that match with what you’ve described.

Excellent for spicing up your closet.

Prices: $75 per month (three months subscription), $65 per month (six months subscription) 

HerVelvetVase MoodBox: Website

-For The Modern Gentlemen-

4. OhhMyBox

OhhMyBox is Singapore’s first (and quite possibly only) subscription box service catered towards the modern gentleman.

Following a monthly theme, the folks behind OhhMyBox will tailor and put together a combination of lifestyle and grooming products based on the subscriber’s profile survey.

Subscribers can expect to receive grooming essentials, facial products and basic accessories, like cufflinks and ties.

If you are looking to pamper yourself with some monthly treats, or are searching for a gift for your male counterparts, this is the service for you.

Prices: $49 per month, $47 per month (one year subscription)

OhhMyBox: Website | Facebook

-For Your Personal Needs-

5. BlackBox

You never know what you are getting yourself into when trying a new shampoo or moisturiser for the first time. BlackBox eases your apprehension by providing you with a subscription service that allows you to purchase and try out samples.

There are two versions of BlackBox: Classic and Luxury. Classic features products from common household brands, such as Himalaya Herbals and Neutrogena. Luxury, as the name suggests, features high-end brands like Dr. Young and Avalon.

Provide reviews of the service and you can even earn points, which can be accumulated to exchange for the Classic or Luxury items.

Prices: From $5.90 (for four classic samples), From $9.90 (for three luxury samples)

BlackBox: Website

-For The Dog Lovers-

6. Perrobox

No, you do not get a dog with this subscription service. But if you have one or know anyone who owns a dog, this subscription service is going to be pretty useful.

Treat your doggies to some locally-sourced pawsome treats (which are free from unnecessary additives and artificial fillers), toys and goodies from PerroPet’s Perrobox! The contents within Perrobox is curated by dog-lovers, for dog-lovers, and guaranteed to keep your furry creatures entertained.

Prices: $29.90 per month (dogs weighing 0 – 9kg), $34.90 per month (dogs weighing 9 – 22kg), $36.90 per month (dogs weighing more than 22kg)

Perrobox: Website | Facebook

-For The Bibliophiles-

7. BooksActually Boxes

There is a profound pleasure in reading paperbacks and hardcovers and I guess the folks from BooksActually agree with that, since they’ve come up with another ingenious idea: a subscription service for books!

Just choose a BooksActually Elf, whose reading profile and recommendations are to your liking. Then, pick from the various memberships. Sit back and relax while your BooksActually Elf curates and handpicks your surprise reads.

That’s not all, each box also comes with other gifts, such as bookmarks, light snacks, and at times, new scents. If you are really lucky, you might even get a box curated by their in-house cats! (no seriously, one time the owner let the cat pick out the books).

Prices: $129 (three months subscription), $229 (six months subscription), $369 (one year subscription)

BooksActually Boxes: Website

8. Carpe Librum

Unbeknownst to many, Carpe Librum has been rolling out their very own book subscription boxes since 2015. These Librum Boxes are available on a bi-monthly basis, and like many other subscription services, it follows a monthly theme as well.

The books selected are current reads that have been published for a year or less. Expect yourself to receive other book/theme-related merchandise, such as fancy tote bags, mugs, postcards or bookmarks.

Look forward to your monthly surprise as you unbox these Librum Boxes, or as their curator (Huda) says it, “Seize the book!”

Prices: $35 per box

Carpe Librum: Facebook | Website | Tel:+65 8498 0525 | Email: 

-For That Extra Pampering You Deserve-

9. Pint Society

If you are adventurous and love ice cream, this is for you. Pint Society provides Singapore’s first home ice cream subscription service. What’s so special?

For a monthly price of as low as $14.50 per pint, expect a tantalising surprise each time as you savour two pints of handmade ice cream, which are made with new and unique flavours – think along the lines of Peanut Butter and Jelly or Olive Oil.

Movie nights will never be the same again with these hand-crafted pints of luscious ice cream.

Prices: $38 per month (one month subscription), $35 per month (three months subscription), $32 per month (six months subscription), $29 per month (one year subscription) 

Pint Society: Website

10. Thirsty

Have an obsession with craft beers? Tired of heading to watering holes in town? Why not indulge in quality craft beers in the comfort of your own home?

With a different selection each month, as well as a focus on a variety of different styles and having no repeats, Singapore’s leading craft beer shop, Thirsty, has come up with a subscription service to quench your thirst.

For three months, expect to be pampered with the finest selection of craft beers from independent breweries around the globe.

At just $178, you are confirmed to receive at least 18 bottles for three months. That’s less than $10 per bottle.

Prices: $178 (6 beers per month), $328 (12 beers per month), $628 (24 beers per month) for three months

Thirsty: Website

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