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| On 4 years ago

Stylenanda’s Latest Trend: Dare To Look ‘Smeshing’ By Adding Mesh To Your Wardrobe

Stylenanda is one of South Korea’s most popular fashion brands and lately, there has been a revival of the mesh trend from the 1800s. It’s sometimes perceived as quite a controversial clothing trend given the translucent material which may seem gaudy or promiscuous to some.

I’ve seen Singaporeans jumping on the bandwagon and wearing long mesh skirts on top of denim shorts. I’ve also been greatly inspired by models on Instagram who have styled mesh successfully. If you’re still on the fence about this new trend, here are a few ways to rock two Stylenanda mesh pieces.

Frilled Tiered Dress

The Stylenanda Korean Fashion Frilled Tiered Dress (S$44.90) is a free-sized slip-on that changes the entire look of your ensemble. It has a round neckline and a slanted tiered design. At first glance, it looks rather bizarre and is quite reminiscent of the fish-net trend.

I put together an all-black outfit with a lace camisole, high-waisted jeans with cut-outs and boots. Lace is a material that complements the mesh, which is rather plain.

If you’re more daring, you can replace the camisole with a lace bralette. Wearing this mesh dress gives you the perfect opportunity to flaunt any cute bralettes that you own.

Apart from tight jeans, you could wear a pencil skirt or cigarette pants. Since the mesh dress is loose, it is probably better to wear tight and not loose bottoms. This way, the pieces will not clash and the shape of the mesh dress will be more distinct.

As comfortable as it is, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the mesh dress for formal events. It is probably suitable for nights out and special occasions where people experiment with their clothing, like at festivals.

Other monochrome pieces would also go well with the black solid hue of the mesh dress, like a gingham dress or romper. I wore a gingham halter crop top and matched it with dark denim high-waisted shorts, paired with open-toe flats for a casual look.

Since there are two mesh fringe tiers at the torso, wearing dark blue denim shorts (instead of black) will not add too much colour to the outfit. The mesh dress is a great way to add sophistication to any casual outfit.

Illusion Mesh Top

The next piece of clothing with mesh is the Stylenanda Illusion Top (S$49.90), an oversized shirt with a solid grey backdrop and a mesh overlay. This piece is free-sized too. It is most definitely easier to style since you only have to worry about finding a bottom to match it with.

You could also choose to tuck the shirt into a tight skirt of any length and it would be the perfect casual outfit. Baggy or flare denim jeans are also suitable with this top.

Since frills and mesh are both back in trend, I tried to create an outfit with the two styles. Both items are in block colours, so the combination worked rather well. My pair of purple frill hem shorts complemented the top, creating a pretty feminine look overall.

For an even more girly look, you can wear the oversized top as an inner piece by putting on a pinafore. I am wearing a denim piece but other materials for the pinafore will work as well. Since the top is quite plain, you can spice things up by wearing something with patterns.

The mesh in the Illusion Top is more subtle because it’s merely an overlay, so the shirt can be styled like any oversized top. If you’re easing mesh into your wardrobe, this would be a good start.

The Frilled Tiered Dress on the other hand, was certainly harder to pull off because the mesh was more in-your-face and practically screamed “look at me!” If you’re a monochrome lover like me though, the mesh dress will definitely be a fun way for you to design all-black outfits.

Would you add mesh to your wardrobe?

Prices: S$44.90 for Stylenanda Korean Fashion Frilled Tiered Dress; S$49.90 Stylenanda Illusion Top

Stylenanda Mesh Clothing: Available Online on Zalora | Available in-store at i.t Labels

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