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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel & Cooling Body Spray Is Legit Available In S’pore

No, you did not read the title wrong. Thailand’s Snake Brand which produces Prickly Heat cooling powder that just about anyone, from army boys to housewives, all know and love actually has a Prickly Heat shower gel and body spray – this new discovery can be found on Face And Body’s website and Shopee for S$5 and S$9.90 respectively.

Credit – Face And Body Shopee Site

Both the Prickly Heat shower gel and body spray come in two scents, Classic and Relaxing (French Lavender). Well, now that I think about it, applying the powder version during outfield did indeed feel extremely relaxing.

Credit – Real Zhou Chongqing FB Page

The shower gel was first spotted by Singaporean actor Zhou Chongqing in Bangkok on Tuesday, June 4 and his facebook post went viral. He claims that similar to its powder counterpart, the shower gel provides the same cooling effect, especially when used on the “PP area”.

Credit – Face And Body FB Page

Thankfully, for Singaporeans you do not have to fly all the way to Bangkok to get it. The shower gel and cooling spray are available either at Face And Body’s website/ Shopee page, or you may travel down to their physical retail outlets at Golden Mile Complex or Lucky Plaza to get your hands on the products.

Credit – Face and Body

I wonder, would it be an overkill to use the shower gel, body spray, and trademark cooling powder simultaneously? Well, I guess the only way is to buy all of them.

Price: S$5 (shower gel) S$9.90 (cooling spray)

Face And Body: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex. #01-66H and #02-43, Singapore 199588/ 304, Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza #03-79 | Shop On Their Website | Tel: 62942279

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