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Singapore’s NDP 2020 Funpack Missing Clapper to Applaud Frontliners & Migrant Workers

By Zat

In a move that will surely annoy all avid petition signees, Member of Parliament Louis Ng Kok Kwang, in a Facebook post, pulled the curtain back on the plans that have been in the works for this year’s NDP 2020 Funpack.

And for all you fervent signees of the petition spearheaded by Kaushik Ilango, you’ll be glad to know that, based on the logo on the bag, the picture used in the petition is not of this year’s fun pack, but that of 2019.

Louis Ng, who is the Member of Parliament for Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency since 2015, was also the founder of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES).

In his Facebook post on 24 May, Mr Ng said, “Since last year, green groups have been meeting with the NDP 2020 EXCO and myself. The activists suggested making the fun pack itself more reusable and doing away with the plastic bag, single-use plastic bottle and “huge” discount booklet. The EXCO took these on board as they finalised the fun pack items.”

“The fun pack given out at the parade would have been much “GREENER” as compared to other years,” Mr Ng further explained. “We would finally have a fun pack without the plastic bag, single-use plastic bottle and discount booklet.”

He went on to elaborate that since there will not be NDP this year, the committee wanted to give every Singaporean and PR household a fun pack—in a way bringing the celebration directly to the safety of our homes. This proposed fun pack will not have the “plastic bag, single-use plastic bottle and physical discount booklets.”

Credit: Park Hotel Group

Addressing the petition that has been floating around by several Singaporeans, Mr Ng acknowledges that amongst the citizens, there will be some who wants these fun packs and some who don’t.

“Can we just have no fun packs? For a start, I believe we should give everyone a choice. Those who want it can get it and those who don’t want it can opt-out. This will help reduce wastage.”

He ended the post by sharing that the NDP Exco has been exploring this opt-out option amidst very difficult and challenging circumstances of COVID-19 and circuit breaker. “I’ve been working together with them, and I know they share our concerns about the environment and also making this a birthday party that will lift our spirits and celebrate the birthday of this shining red dot we call home.”

Mr Ng also mentioned that this year’s fun pack “won’t have the usual clapper, scarf and sun visor.”

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