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Seiko X One Piece Animation 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch – Only 5000 Pieces Released

Seiko has just announced its collaboration with the well-loved Japanese animation series, One Piece. This exclusive, limited edition watch celebrates the 20th anniversary of One Piece animation in 2019, not to be confused with the manga’s release which hit its 20th anniversary two years ago in 2017.

Credit- Premico

At the top of the watch face, is a skull with the straw hat pirate’s flag logo which symbolises Monkey D. Luffy, the series’ main character.

Credit- Premico


The Seiko quartz watch has a marine blue face, adorned with gold emblems that represent the other eight members of Luffy’s crew. The detailed ornaments are protected behind a Hardrex windshield.

The watch costs JPY 44,800 (approx S$563) before tax and shipping.

Credit – Premico



Credit- Premico


Anybody can appreciate the watch design’s attention to detail, especially for fans of one of the longest running anime series – One Piece is indeed a well-loved Japanese series to withstand the test of time, and what better way to commemorate that than with a watch?

With most of the series’ fans being adults now, it’s great that they have the opportunity to purchase such a precious piece of memorabilia. There are only 5000 pieces available, so better get to it before they run out!

Price: JPY 44,800 (before tax and shipping)

Seiko X One Piece 20th Anniversary: Puchase From Premico | Facebook

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