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Roxie Design Lab: Convenient Peel-Off Gel Nail Polish That You Can DIY At Home Or On-The-Go

Hair, face, nails — the holy trinity when it comes to women’s grooming. Out of these three, getting my nails done takes up most of my time and beauty budget.

I’ve always been in a dilemma when it comes to getting my nails done. Classic manicure (~S$20) versus gel manicure (~S$50). Each has its pros and cons.

Classic manicures are cheaper, but only last for about a week before they start to chip, and they take forever to dry. Gel manicures, on the other hand, are rather costly but can last for about three weeks to a month, and “dries” in under an hour.

Durability and costs compared, I’ve been getting gel manicures done every month as it’s faster (and they say “time is money”, amirite?).

The downside to getting monthly gel manicures? My nails get more brittle with each manicure done as removing the gel polish usually involves scraping and filing it off. And don’t forget the S$15 removal fee the salon charges you for a soak-off.

So after hearing about Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel nail polish — a gel nail polish with peel-off removal technology — I was curious to try it out for myself.

Classic Starter Set + Add-Ons

The Classic Starter Set (S$50) comes with three go-to colours. We chose Simply Burgundy (#4), Midnight City (#10) and Rosie (#11).

You may add more colours or clear and matte top coats to the Classic Starter Set for S$15 each.

Alternatively, individual colours are sold at S$18 each, so we definitely suggest getting the Classic Starter Set as it will help you save some money!

For those who are new to the world of gel nail polishes, the lamp is essential to completing your at-home manicure as gel polishes have to be “cured” under UV light.

The Nova II Lamp (S$60) can be added on to the Classic Starter Set for just S$50. With 28 individual LED lights, your nails will dry quicker.

Prepping & Painting Your Nails

Before you get too excited and start applying the colours, your nails will require some preparation to ensure that the colours last for as long as possible.

Start by doing a quick filing and shaping of your nails, then buff them to ensure the nail surface is smooth. Next, clean them with either alcohol wipes or nail polish remover to extend the durability of the gel manicure.

Once all that is done, simply apply the EasyPeel polish and “cure” it in the Nova II Lamp. All it takes is 15 seconds for the polish to set.

For most colours (especially the lighter shades), multiple layers are required to achieve your desired opacity.

Upon completion, apply the top coat (either clear or matte) and “cure” it in the lamp once again. Although it sets in 15 seconds, I’d recommend “curing” the final layer for 30 seconds (better to be safe than sorry, yeah?).

And voilayour gel manicure is done from the comfort of your home!

Touch-Up On The Go

But that’s not all. Having tried Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel polish myself, I realised it peels off quite easily; maybe I’m just not that gentle with my nails like most girls are. 

Either way, the Luna Lamp (S$30) can be added on to the Classic Starter Set for just S$25. It’s very portable, smaller than my iPhone 7, and perfect for a quick touch-up on the go.

The best part? You don’t even require a power source to use the lamp; a portable charger is sufficient to power up your lamp and it’ll be a lifesaver. If you have steady hands, you can even do this on the train. 

The concept behind Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel polish was designed to save costs for users and protect our nails from getting brittle and breaking.

For those who must have manicured hands 24/7, and are looking for something gentle on the nails, I’d say give Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel polish a try. It’s fast and touch-ups can be done in under five minutes.

But for those like me who are clumsy, I’d suggest sticking to salon-done gel manicures unless you’re looking for a short-term alternative or a quick change of nail colour.

Prices: S$15 – S$60

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