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Razer X Pokemon Gaming Laptop & Mouse —Delivers To S’pore With Discount During 11.11 Sale

Another day, another Pikachu collaboration. This time, the famous mascot of the Pokémon series is teaming up with Singapore-based gaming peripheral brand Razer.

Credit – Razer

This collaboration consists of a yellow mouse and mousepad set, as well as a gaming keyboard. These items have already been released on Razer’s Tmall flagship store on 21 October, and here’s the great news—they deliver to Singapore.

Credit – Razer

Credit – Razer

The mouse and mouse pad set is available for 399RMB (approx. S$77), and both come in an electrifying bright yellow. The mousepad will feature Pikachu back-facing with his head turned, and for the mouse, instead of the traditional three-headed Razer motif that lights up, it will feature Pikachu’s spiky tail. The model is based on a small-sized Razer Goliathus.

Credit – Razer

The keyboard comes in a black-on-yellow combination, just like the Pikachu, and it also comes with a hand rest that features Pikachu accents. It is yours for 599RMB (approx. S$115)

Credit – Razer

Before you jump the gun and purchase these items, I’ll let you know that you can actually enjoy a 100 RMB discount on these items on 11 November 2019, or commonly known as 11.11. On this special day, you will be able to get the mouse and mousepad for 299RMB (approx. S$57) , and the Pikachu keyboard for 499 RMB (approx. S$96).

Head on to Razer’s Tmall store, so you don’t miss this rare chance to catch Pikachu!

Prices: 399 RMB (mouse & mousepad) , 599RMB (keyboard) , 299 RMB (mouse & mousepad on 11.11) , 499RMB (keyboard on 11.11)
Dates: Available now, promo on 11 November

Pikachu X Razer: Buy Mouse & Mousepad | Buy Keyboard

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