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Ranked — Insensitive Facebook Comments On Cruise Ship Used To House Recovering Migrant Workers in SG

Alright, enough is enough. You would think that a global pandemic would bring kindness and empathy out amongst our people, but no, absolutely not. Before you give me the ‘if you’re unhappy just leave’ argument, I would like to remind all that for the most part, I am genuinely happy living in Singapore and being a Singaporean, but sometimes stupid and insensitive people really make me want to tear my scalp off my skull and give up on humanity.

On 24 May 2020, CNA posted a video on the SuperStar Gemini, a luxury cruise liner housing migrant workers who have recovered from COVID-19. These migrant workers are on this cruise ship to prevent them from potentially being reinfected again. A maximum of two people are allocated to a room and are allowed 45 minutes of recreational time outside their rooms.

And of course, Singaporeans had something to say about it. The comment section of this video was interesting. To put it simply, there was a good mix of random, stupid and insensitive comments. In this edition of Ranked, we take a look at the insensitive Singaporeans who have no brain-to-mouth filter and the brilliance that comes with it.

1. Because ships are totally disposable and are not expensive at all

I think it’s disappointing that OP here does not understand the basic concept of sanitisation. It truly does baffle me that such one-dimensional thoughts can pass through anyone’s brain to mouth filter. If everyone employed this thought of throwing something away simply because it might have been in contact with a virus, the world would be doomed from waste overload.

OP, if you watched the video, you would know that the ship is utilised to house recovered patients of COVID-19. I find it perplexing that anyone would think that ships are cheap, easy to make and are highly disposable. With this in mind, does that mean we have to demolish the hospitals, chalets and expo buildings that have been housing those who tested positive?

2. Why do people like this exist?

It is not only racist but absolutely selfish to abandon our migrant workers who literally built our city for us. Again, THESE PATIENTS HAVE RECOVERED. All personnel on the ship have also gone through medical checks to ensure that they are healthy and COVID-19 free. I cannot comprehend how easy it is for some to simply have the idea to discard such essential people in our society when things go south.

This type of behaviour highly suggests an inability to sympathise. If we were to send our migrant workers back to their home countries when they appear to be a hassle, what happens when this virus dies down and we need people to build our houses and MRT stations again?

We do not abandon those who have done so much for us when they get sick, we take care of them and nurse them back to health. This is not kindness, this is basic human decency.

3. Because migrant workers are here for one reason and one reason only

You know what else will also be a major reason why construction projects will take a long time to be completed? A BLOODY GLOBAL PANDEMIC. It will never cease to amaze me on how some people do not understand the severity of this novel coronavirus. What must it take for people like OP to understand that in order for our country to function as it once has, we must recover and recovery includes social distancing until it is safe not to.

Even then, life, as we know it post COVID, will be radically different from what it was before. There will be no projects if the country cannot recover from this virus first.

4. Go fOr ImH cHeCk uP

When you start a signpost with “First” it needs to continue with a ‘Second’, so on and so forth. Why bother to use “First” if you’re going to completely disregard English rules anyway. I really cannot understand this ‘abandon’ mentality. Not only is it highly irresponsible, but it is also very reflective of the character OP has—heartless.

Imagine being a migrant worker, coming to a foreign land trying to make an honest living when a pandemic hits. Imagine not being able to comprehend what’s going on due to the lack of resources. Imagine literally doing nothing to be socially irresponsible but somehow contracting a virus that you did not ask to contract.

Honest to god, do you think being contained on a ship is considered luxurious? Only allowed 45 minutes of recreational time outside your room, does that sound enjoyable to you? A migrant worker’s life is literally tough because of the labour-intensive work they do.

Please, don’t comment on things that you cannot even begin to fathom upon, OP.

5. Our migrant workers are humans not animals

The thought of dirtiness associated with migrant workers is a problematic one. Why would any human being willingly destroy their place of residence during a global pandemic? No seriously why, someone please explain this to me. These migrant workers are grown men who should be able to understand the need to stay clean or sanitised simply by the fact that they’re contained on a ship for fear of reinfection.

Here we have another idiot who cannot understand the concept of being able to sanitise or clean something up. Even if the cabins are dirty from use, so what? Do you think that our migrant workers will purposefully defecate all over their rooms when they have an attached bathroom?

6. I too have never been on a cruise ship, but you don’t see me whining about it

What is the purpose of this comment? Are you so thick in the head that you thought this comment would garner you sympathies? ‘Boohoo my life is hard, I slog away and work hard and I’ve never been on a cruise ship’ Why would anyone in the right mind air their grievances like this, it is neither productive or efficient. Complaining about how hard it is to be financially stable in Singapore? Welcome to the club.

Perhaps better financial or family planning would have helped you afford a trip on a cruise. I don’t understand this allure of a cruise, you are stuck on water, in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, where’s the luxury in that? Additionally, cruises are harmful to the environment, so as you finish your third shrimp cocktail, the earth dies a little bit more inside.

7. “FW are enjoying it”

What does this comment even mean? What are the migrant workers enjoying exactly? Being isolated on a ship when they’re recovered? What do you mean by “numbers are not going down”?

Can you not read? These migrant workers have recovered and are being isolated to prevent reinfection. Is this comment insinuating that migrant workers enjoy being infected by a virus that has scarring effects on their respiratory system?

8. Conspiracy theorist

Admittedly, this comment is not insensitive, but rather unnecessary. I don’t even know what to say about this. I am genuinely stumped. Because fines aren’t enough to deter people from being socially irresponsible, we need uncut grass too.

9. Taxpayer dollars

I’m not gonna lie, the sarcasm got me in the first half. Is this not the reason to use taxpayer dollars though? We pay tax to keep our country running. Can you honestly say that the well-being and health of our migrant workers do not contribute to keeping our country running? Why are you insinuating that the health of our migrant workers are not worth our taxpayer dollars? The very people who build the physical foundations of our nation are not worth your taxpayer dollars? Are you also saying that the taxpayer dollars should be spent on only you?

10. Can you assure a COVID-19 free area in Singapore that isn’t your home?

Dear commenter, perhaps you would like to consider the fact that the cruise ship is a controlled environment with tight restrictions thus resulting in the confidence of our migrant workers being able to eat in a shared space with social distancing enforced.

If we’re being technical about it, no they are not eating out, they are eating in a cafeteria. Think of it this way, you’re allowed to have a meal with your family at home at the dining table, in a controlled environment where you know everyone is COVID free. Your concern is heartwarming, maybe consider redirecting your question on the wellbeing of the staff to the relevant authorities.

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