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11 Pokemon-Themed Apparels To Dress You From Top To Toe In Pokemon – Shirts, Hats, Pants & More

Singaporeans can’t seem to get enough of Pokemon. Be it from games such as Pokemon Go to constant new Pokemon apparel releases, we seem to waste no time jumping onto the bandwagon.

For those who can’t get enough of these adorable pocket monsters, I’d say that the best way to proclaim your love for them is to dress like them. Here’s an ultimate Pokemon apparel guide that will allow you to dress from top to toe in your favourite Pokemon.

1. Fila x Pokemon Shoes

Credit – Fila

Fila has given plain canvas shoes a Pokemon makeover. Each shoe has its own unique Pokemon colourway with Pokeball prints on each shoe tongue.

Though, I would have loved for the Pokemon design to be printed outside where it is more visible as compared to inside. Nevertheless, its minimalism itself is already a winner.

Harumio: Website

2. Pokemon Shoe (Pony)

Credit – Pony

(Disclaimer: These fantastic looking shoes are only available in Pony outlets in Bangkok, Thailand.)

If you prefer your shoes to have a little more obvious Pokemon prints, then opt for these Pokemon shoes by Pony. You get an adorable little print of your favourite Pokemon at the heel along with their logo dressed in the colour of that selected Pokemon.

Besides, white shoes are a timeless staple of any outfit so you will definitely not go wrong with these.

Pony: Website

3. Custom Pokemon Shoes (Etsy)

Credit – Etsy

For those who want to steer away from mainstream fashion, Etsy is a great place to source for shoes. They boast a plethora of Pokemon-themed shoes that are custom made and sometimes even hand-drawn. With these ones of a kind shoes, you can confidently boast to your peers your status as a true Pokemon master.

Etsy: Website

4. Pokemon Dress Shirts (Original Stitch)

Credit – Online Stitch

If you feel that Pokemon apparel belongs to just the casual category, then Original Stitch will prove you wrong. Original Stitch has a customisable service that allows you to select the fabric prints from over 151 Pokemon designs in casual shirts, dress shirts and Hawaiian shirtsBe it at work or play, you get to dress for the occasion with these Pokemon shirts from Original Stitch.

Original Stitch: Online Shop

5. Pokemon T-Shirts (Uniqlo)

Credit – Uniqlo

What’s special is that these adorable designs are the finalist entries from the Uniqlo’s UT Grand Prix 2019 Global T-shirt design competition. Creativity is at the heart of this collection so you can be sure to expect the most unique prints thinkable. That aside, the Uniqlo brand itself is already a quality guarantee and I must say they didn’t disappoint after browsing through this collection.

Uniqlo: Website| Facebook

6. Pokemon Shirts (Pokemon Center)

Credit – Pokemon Center

Pokemon Center – the mother of all-things officially Pokemon. While browsing the website, I was like a moth drawn to a flame. They seriously have so many apparels that I want. Apart from the usuals, what caught my eye was their Unown design shirts. I enjoyed how they utilised Unown in such a low-key manner that doesn’t scream for attention.

Pokemon Center: Website

7. Pokemon Yoga Leggings (Etsy)

Credit – Etsy

Of course, I could have included all those other funky Pokemon pants found online but what we want is to embody Pokemon and still retain a sense of style. This is epitomised by this yoga pants found on Etsy. Many of these pants feature quirky Pokemon references and puns. You’ll want to get these to add a little sass to your trips to the gym.

Etsy: Website

8. Detective Pikachu Cap (Pokemon Centre, Ezbuy)

Credit – The Pokemon Company

After decades, our favourite Pikachu is getting its own dedicated ‘live-action’ movie with a playful twist known as “Detective Pikachu”. And this gave rise to a sweet merchandise cap which is available on the Pokemon Center website as well as shopping platforms like Ezbuy (authenticity not guaranteed). If you are a diehard fan of the yellow furry mouse, this is the merchandise you have to get your hands on.

Pokemon Center: Website

9. Pokemon Fanny Pack (Pony)

Credit – Pony

(Disclaimer: These bags are only available in Pony outlets in Bangkok, Thailand)

Fanny packs are a major no-no in my dictionary, but I’m gonna make an exception for these stylish Pokemon bags from Pony. Wear it together with any Pokemon caps and you have yourself a fashionable Pokemon hypebeast look.

Pony: Website

10. Pikachu Tote Bag (Pokemon Centre)

Credit – Pokemon Centre

Tote bags are the crossbreed between formal and casual wear as they have the versatility to match any outfit. These Pokemon tote bags are the go-to accessory that offers style for any occasion. You might even turn the heads of several Pokemon commuters along the way.

Pokemon Centre: Website

11. Hoodies (Pokemon Centre)

Credit – Pokemon Center

I live by the motto “wear black and be gold”. Hence, these sleek hoodies from the Pokemon Center are an absolute godsend. For a huge pokemon fan like myself, anything with Pikachu on it looks amazing.

What caught my eye was the uniqueness of the Team Rocket hoodie, since they aren’t really as in the limelight as the little monsters. If you are going for the badass look, this hoodie is made for you.

Pokemon Center: Website

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