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The Perfect Sculpt: Painless DIY Waxing Kit Promises A Huge Discount On Pain (Or Does It?)

The Perfect Sculpt has been in the internet limelight of late since releasing a few lady-things including the strapless backless push up bra, and, more recently, a Painless DIY Waxing Kit that looks way too good to be true. Netizens have marvelled at  videos featuring users joyously peeling off a thin layer of wax that took unwanted hair along with it.

Which will of course illicit the question of, “Is it too good to be true?” If it’s on the internet, it probably is.

With its very own wax heater, spatula and fun coloured wax beads, should the product be true to its word, it would be revolutionary! I mean, if DIY waxing was almost as easy and as painless as shaving, we’d all do it. Also because we know that waxing reduces hair growth every time it’s done.

I enlisted the help of my trusty galpal who finds leg-shaving a chore, and so happily obliged me by growing some kelp on her legs. Mind you, she has been waxed before, against her will, and is forever scarred by the traumatic experience.

I assured her this was going to be different – c’mon, it’s touted as a painless waxing kit right?

The Perfect Sculpt Wax Warmer (USD$49.99/ S$67.50) will prove quite the investment for anyone who’s been wanting to heat wax at home. It’s sized to hold the average wax pot, and will melt any kind of wax.

With a knob that allows you to adjust the temperature, you can also make sure you adjust the wax to a bearable temperature before you put it on your skin.

Now these are the magic wax beans that hold the promise of painlessness that we seek in this cruel world. Sold as a packet (USD$12.99/S$17.50) or as a bundle of five (USD$42.99/S$58), the wax beans are available in five different colours or a pack of mixed colours (USD$9.99/S$13.50).

They don’t come with special scents or anything, as one might imagine, but the colours do well to distract one from the thought of impending torture. Infused with chamomile, they have the added advantage of soothing the skin as the wax comes off, making it an altogether gentler affair.

Start with putting the wax beans into the wax pot, and pop it into the warmer. The lid prevents contamination, and keeps the heat in. Note that the device comes with a US plug, so be sure to have a power converter on hand.

Alternatively, you can save yourself the $68.50 and place your wax pot in a double boiler – which is basically a large basin of hot water, and stir it up every so often with a spatula to make sure it doesn’t stick. The wax beans melt pretty quick, so you don’t have to wait long.

When it’s evenly melted and looking like goop, this is where the fun begins. First, make sure to test the temperature of the wax on your hand or something before scalding yourself. It might help you get rid of your hair, but it’ll also leave you with second degree burns.

The wax hardens almost immediately when slathered on, but remains of a pliable texture that you can easily hold on to and remove. The problem I found was that it hardened before I could completely spread it all out evenly. Which is probably why waxing specialists slap on really hot wax; It just gives you more time to work with.

If you are as unfortunate as my galpal and have (very) uneven patches of wax, prepare for the wax to come off in parts and not as one full piece. Also, try not to spread too thick a layer, as it’s easier to work with when it’s an even, thin layer.

The first time I spread it on, the galpal had her leg hairs caught in the wax, which was really uncomfortable but is presumably the point of this whole waxing process. When it came to removal, I tried to do it like I’d seen in the videos. It looked smooth and unrushed, and most importantly, painless. Not like the usual rip-off-the-skin method.

Do not do it that way – slow and steady does not win the race if you are dead from the pain. Going slow only served to draw out the feeling of every single strand of leg hair being yanked from its roots. Do it quick, before your body even remembers to register pain. Which means, yes, you’re going to need to hold tight and rip.

Three minutes of screaming and crying later, we managed to get most of it off. But if there are any bits of wax left behind, just scrub it off while showering under warm water.

You can probably tell this was far from a painless waxing experience for my furry friend. For the less accustomed ones, on a scale of one to ten, the galpal says it’s about an eight.

For a non-regular waxing-victim such as I, on a pain-scale of one to ten, if a Full Brazilian (all your lady bits) is a 13 out of ten, and normal waxing is a seven out of ten, then this waxing experience measures up at a reasonable three out of ten for me.

It’s not completely painless, but I do concede that it is definitely less painful, more convenient (albeit a bit messy) and definitely more affordable than all of my other waxing experiences.

— —

All in all, I would say that this DIY Waxing Kit appeals more to those who go for regular waxing sessions. The way I see it – a full leg waxing service at Strip will cost you S$62. But a complete bundle sets you back by $74.40, which means you’ll breakeven by the second use!

Alternatively, we could all rebel against celebrated beauty standards imposed on us by the patriarchy and be as furry as we all damn well like.

Price: S$74.40 (for a complete set)

The Perfect Sculpt: Website | Facebook

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