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| On 10 months ago

Our Second Home: Visit This Local Brand’s Beautiful Retail Space & In-House Cafe In Holland Village

Our Second Nature, a local fashion brand specialising in comfortable and luxe clothing, has finally set up a physical boutique.

Located in Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village, the space – dubbed Our Second Home – looks like a physical manifestation of the brand’s ethos. The boutique was cosy and elegant, with little details that exude a classy charm.

Our Second Nature: The Clothing Line

Founded in 2017 by Velda Tan, Our Second Nature breaks away from the mass-produced market. If you’re familiar with the brand, you can easily identify someone donning a Our Second Nature piece at a glance.

The brand releases clothes in collections, with each centred around a particular print produced by a London-based designer.

For instance, one of their latest collections is based on a Lily of the Valley artwork created by said designer. The collection features various co-ordinates sporting the print or in solid colours based on the print.

Our Second Nature doesn’t just sell clothes; it sells a particular lifestyle and state of mind. As the brand puts it:

“Our inspiration comes from the sum of all the things we like, and all other things intangible – slow walks in the park, the smell of fresh linen, when a nostalgic song comes on the radio – these small things that make life ours; our trademarks, our quirks, our second nature.”

To me, the brand embodies a lifestyle of embracing everyday luxury. Admittedly, the clothes are priced relatively high. However, you can tell that there was serious thought put into the designs and the fabrics used are of a good quality.

Also, I really appreciate the journal section in their website where you can read about the concepts behind each collection. It adds a thoughtful, artisanal touch.

Our Second Home: The Boutique Space

Upon stepping into the store, we noticed soft acoustic tunes playing in the background and a light coffee aroma lingering in the air. The whole space looked like it belonged in the pages of an editorial spread.

The wooden furniture, white walls and concrete floors provided the perfect neutral canvas for the racks of bold maroons, mustard yellows and navy blues to stand out in rich contrast.

Across the room, the in-house cafe section sits calmly, a complement to the clothing section rather than a competitor for attention. It’s flanked by a little wooden coffee table to its right, beside the entrance, and a seating area to its left.

The most charming table in the boutique, right by the entrance.

There’s plenty of space for shoppers to move around, browse the clothing racks, or to sit down and rest for a while.

The place was furnished with such thought that everything blended together seamlessly. Prints of the Our Second Nature girls are placed at the three sections — the cafe, the dressing rooms and the clothing section — and serve as a little touch that unifies the areas.

With the addition of an in-house cafe, Our Second Nature has made shopping a social activity. Besides trying out the clothes, you can catch up with girl friends over coffee and tea. Or it’s where impatient partners can rest their legs.

Seating area right opposite the entrance, beside the fitting rooms.

They’ve also managed to make the shopping experience a lot more soothing. Rather than standing impatiently in line, why not take a seat and wait for the crowd to dwindle?

The cosy chairs beckon — sit down and wait for a while, they call out invitingly. Why not have a light bite and perhaps grab a book to read?

Our Second Home: The In-House Cafe

While there wasn’t a wide selection of food available at the cafe, it’s sufficient for a light snack. You’ll find the usual suspects for coffee, like Flat Whites, Espressos, Cold Brews and more. The espresso blends are sourced from a local micro-roastery, Cata Coffee. Teas are also available.

Pictured above are the only available cakes, Banana Walnut and Lemon Drizzle. But, they’re made by a local baker and really tasty. In another move to support fellow local businesses, Our Second Nature also commissioned the ceramic mugs specially from a local ceramic studio, School of Clay Arts.

In addition, there was only one staff manning the cafe and her service was impeccable. After leaving our stuff on the chairs and wandering to the clothing section, we returned to find our orders already served.

After being completely charmed by the style of Our Second Home, I’ve one final question: Will they ever consider selling home decor pieces? I really have my eye set on this rustic wooden table.

Prices: S$59 – S$109 (Clothing Range), Tipping Basis (Our Second Home Cafe)

Our Second Nature: Our Second Home, 43 Jln Merah Saga, #01-66, Singapore 278115 | Website | Facebook

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