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OPPO, Vivo And Xiaomi Team Up For P2P Transmission Alliance

If you have an OPPO, Vivo or Xiaomi phone perhaps you may have encountered frustrations when files take too long to send. Or when the quality of your photos get watered down as you attempt to share them through messaging apps, let that frustration ease as Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Transmission Alliance is here.

Credit: Oppo

The days of sharing files through Bluetooth seem ancient as compared to the P2P Transmission Alliance. This new Transmission Alliance allows users to share files, without the need of an internet connection. This is reflective of OPPO’s innovative ColorOS, boasting the ability to share across platforms.

File sharing across different phones models and brands are often a hassle and are mostly dependent on 3rd party applications, an unnecessary obstacle that prevents greater connectivity.

Credit: Oppo

This effortless user-centric file sharing function will scan devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which prides itself in providing a broader range and utilises lower power consumption. The file-sharing process employs Wi-Fi P2P technology without compromising the user’s Wi-Fi connectivity. On top of that, sharing through Wi-Fi P2P is faster than Bluetooth and also has an average transfer speed of 20MB/s.

This function will be made available with the release of ColorOS 7 (Android 7). Users can find the ‘OPPO share’ button from the drop-down menu from swiping down on the desktop screen.

Credit: Oppo

This software update is definitely innovative, now if only I had an Android phone to try this feature out. If your phone is compatible, do not miss out on this cool update.

Date: ColorOS 7 is set to be released in Q1 & Q2 in 2020

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