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Nintendo’s Historic Kyoto Headquarters Will Reopen As A Hotel In 2021

Calling out all Nintendo fans! Nintendo’s original historic headquarters in Kyoto is set to reopen as a hotel in 2021.

Credit – Plan Do See

Being the culture and history-rich city that it is, we all know that Kyoto is always bustling with tourists. With the upcoming reopening, tourists will now have another place of accommodation to choose from the former capital of Japan.

With a history going back as far as 1889, the name we’re all familiar with, Nintendo, was first established in 1933.

Did you know that Nintendo originally started out as a company that produced playing cards? The company was renamed Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. in 1951. And was the first to successfully mass-produce plastic playing cards in Japan.

Credit – Plan Do See

It was only in 1975 did Nintendo develop a videogame system with Mitsubishi Electric and brought joy to our lives with their hit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1984.

Credit – Nintendo

The historic headquarters still stands with its original bilingual signage and has been idle prior to plans of reopening. The hotel will be managed by Plan Do See, a Tokyo-based company that focuses on renovating unutilised historic buildings and reviving them.

Plan Do See plans to retain and refurbish the exterior of the building and have additional structures to support the construction of guestrooms, a gym, spa, restaurant and bar.

The official name for the future hotel has yet to be announced and is scheduled to open in June 2021.

I wonder if the future rooms in the hotel will be decorated with Nintendo paraphernalia.

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