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New Lomo’Instant Automat Camera Exclusively Designed by Sundae Kids

Do Sundae Kids ring a bell? Do you know those super cute Facebook webcomics that you see floating on your feed from time to time? Yes that’s them! Lomography has partnered up with them to release a special edition of their Lomo’Instant Automat – Sundae Kids Edition.

If you’re unaware, the Lomo’Instant Automat is the most advanced instant camera that’s currently available in the market. What makes the Instant Automat different from other instant cameras in the market lies in its abilities to allow the user to have full creativity with their shots. Some of my favourite features from the Instant Automat include the multiple exposures mode, which allows you to layer shots on your photo and the interchangeable colour lens that help create a more moody photo according to whatever colour gel you wish to use. What’s most convenient is that you can use FujiFilm for this camera as well.

If you’re looking for your next instant camera, why not stand out from the crowd and get a camera that has a super cute body designed by Sundae Kids? Receive a specially designed poster as well if you decided to purchase this limited edition camera.

The Single Camera retails for S$218 and Camera with lenses go for S$258.

Express your creativity with instant photography, it’s not like we have the luxury to have film developed in a lab these days anyway.

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