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Negative Space Hair Contouring: Cop This New 2019 Hair Trend That Will Give You A Sharper Face Too!

Gone are the days of just dying your hair just for a new look. What if I told you there’s a new hair trend that will not only give you luscious locks but cleverly contours your face shape by using the method of Negative Space?

While the trend has already caught on in the U.S., Mi The Salon and Salon Vim are the first to bring it to Singapore and I can already tell it will be the next big thing.

We were invited to Mi The Salon at ION Orchard, and Director Jonathan Tham explained that Negative Space makes use of the base colour of the hair, adding highlights to make it pop. It is suited for people who are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle, emphasizing on “less is more, and more is less”.

I was assigned to Celebrity Stylist, Linus, who did a quick consultation to find out more about my lifestyle to give advice on the kind of hairstyle and colour that would suit me best.

I went with dusty pink highlights with a mahogany base, and lesser layering on the hair because there are days when I’m just too lazy to blow dry my hair. He could point that out just from looking at the condition of the hair. Oops, guilty.

It starts with bleaching of the hair, lightening the areas around my face to make the base colour standout, and some streaks at the bottom so it looks nice when my hair is tied up.

Linus shared about the concept of using darker colours around the face to create an illusion of a sharper face, and using ombre colours for those looking to cover their arms, which I thought was an ingenious idea of using hair dyes to distract the eyes.

The Negative Space package includes a hair treatment too. Thinking it would involve hours of hair steaming, Linus took out a Double Treatment UltraSound Iron.

Though there was steam emitting from iron, ironically, it wasn’t hot at all. Instead, it was pulsating, helping to push the nutrients further into the hair cuticles for longer-lasting healthy hair.

I was surprised that the four-step treatment took half the time a regular hair treatment needed, cutting down a lot on the waiting time. Next, was dying my hair and allowing the colour to set in.

Before I even realised, the ends of my hair were trimmed and it was time for styling and touching up of my makeup.

I was already begining to fall in love with the highlights and saw how it subtly brought out the base colour.

My tresses never looked this good before; the dusty pink highlights peeked out from the waves and added a dash of colour to the mahogany base. It wasn’t too glaring, yet I could notice the difference.

The use of Negative Space isn’t new in the beauty industry, starting with the French manicure moving on to the more recent negative-space eyeliner for an effortless look.

Left: before, Right: after

With how time-consuming it is to upkeep our style, Negative Space Hair Contouring is going to swap out all those hours of trying to have a good hair day to give you head full of hair that is manageable and beautiful.

Besides walking out of the salon completely happy with my new hairstyle, I was glad the entire process of cutting my hair, bleaching, colouring and treatment was done in two and a half hours and it is affordably priced for the amount of attention put into it.

Quote ‘HypeandStuff’ for a 15% discount when you book under Negative Space Celebrity Stylist Makeover at 67346404, valid for first-time customers at Salon Vim until 31 May 2019.

Price: From S$300

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