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MET A Space Pod: This Space-Themed Capsule Hostel In Little India Will Teleport You Into The 22nd Century

Located amongst the rows of old school shophouses and fanciful hostels on Race Course Road is MET A Space Pod‘s newest branch, Station 51.

The inconspicuous hostel was first established at 51A Boat Quay in 2015 by a young couple, Justin Tang and Mavis Li, who both had a goal of providing affordable accommodation in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

For the lone, introverted traveller, the weary-eyed, or anyone seeking a super dope (but affordable) staycation, MET a Space Pod (MET) would probably be a good fit. Afterall, MET is Singapore’s very first space-themed capsule hostel (yes, you no longer need to travel to Japan to stay in one now).

Opened in November 2016, the second outlet in Little India more than surpasses its predecessor’s size. The two-storey hostel boasts a total of 35 space pods, which consist of 31 single space pods and four double space pods.

Interestingly enough, the concept of MET was birthed when the couple chanced upon Japan’s capsule hotels online. Capsule hostels (or hotels) were first developed in Japan and feature several capsules or pod rooms, each of which usually provides just enough space for one to reside in.

It is intended to provide affordable and basic overnight accommodation to guests.

Starting from S$70 per night, you can snuggle up with your partner (or friend) in MET’s futuristic double space pods.

Each space pod comes equipped with air conditioning, a vanity mirror with lights, a safebox, mobile charging station, and even a mini fire extinguisher as well. You’ll be able to adjust the lighting hues and air conditioning with a simple swipe of the touch buttons.

MET also provides a set of towels and some hangers for each pod. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, ear plugs, and the WiFi password will be presented upon request at the counter.

Each double capsule pod even boasts an in-built flat screen TV, which contains a large variety of pre-downloaded movies for you to enjoy. Talk about luxury-living on a budget.

To keep the noise level at a minimum, the TVs do not come with speakers, so you’ll have to plug your earpiece into the earphone jack to enjoy the full experience.

Among the single space pods, you can choose between one with blinds or one with a lockable door. The latter is called the “superior space pod” and fetches a higher price.

A night’s stay at these single space pods starts from S$40.

Yay, foldable table!

As compared to those in Japan, MET’s pods are not claustrophobic, which tends to be the main concern when people think of a capsule pod. These futuristic pods are much more spacious and even have room for one to sit up in and move around comfortably.

The bathrooms in MET are communal like most hostels, with one catering for the ladies at the first floor and another for the gents on the second floor. Soap, shampoo, and hair dryers are provided.

Feeling bored? Kick back with a good read in the lounge.

There’re even board games to keep you occupied.

MET also features a communal space and lounge on the second floor, where guests can interact and get to know one another, or simply watch some late night movies in the evening.

You can even chill out at the reception which doubles as an in-house cafe that serves English-style breakfast (at a top-up) from 8am to 10am, and other simple cafe bites throughout the day.

MET isn’t just looking to cater to tourists — anyone who’s looking for a comfortable place to crash for a short nap can choose to do so in the pods. Nap rates start from S$5/hour (psst, you can watch movies too). I don’t know about you but I would happily pay to sleep.

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Helping a friend from abroad to look for a place to crash? MET A Space Pod will more than keep them happy. Or you could just start planning your next staycation and go for a totally different experience.

Prices: Starting from S$40 

MET A Space Pod (Little India): 424 Race Course Road, Singapore 218670, MET A Space Pod (Boat Quay): 51 Boat Quay, Singapore 049840 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook

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