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Shopee Slice’s “Mee Siam Mai Hum” Is A S’pore Version Of Fruit Ninja You Need To Play

In celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday, Shopee Singapore launched Shopee Slice – Mee Siam Mai Hum Edition, a game reminiscent of Fruit Ninja.

It’s aptly called “mee siam mai hum”, a throwback to the 2006 General Election when the confusing phrase was uttered by Prime Minister Lee during a rally.

Explanation: “mee siam mai hum” is a dialect food order request not to have “hum” (cockles) with your mee siam dish. However, Mee Siam is not cooked with cockles in the first place.

Credit – Shopee

The ultimate goal is to avoid putting hums in your dish, slice as many limes, tau pok and eggs as you can. Basically, everything that you’d actually find and want in your mee siam.

Credit – Shopee

You don’t need cooking skills to make up this dish. Just 30 seconds and you’re one step closer to curating your perfect mee siam.

Credit – Shopee

Participants need to have a registered Shopee account and the Shopee app to play the game and be eligible to win Shopee coins and vouchers.

There’re pros and cons to getting addicted to the game.

Only two plays are allowed a day. Get an additional play when you make a purchase over $5 (players can get one additional play per day with this method).

Get two additional plays every time you share the game on social media. Keep sharing the game for more plays.

The plays will automatically refresh at midnight, so I suggest one game on the way to work and one before you sleep?

If you end up committing to the game to fuel your boredom, you might stand a chance to make it to the Top 10 on the Shopee leaderboard.

Prizes for the top 10 user scores consist of winning 1000 Shopee coins and up to S$54 of shopping vouchers.

Shopee Slice runs during the Shopee National Day Sale from the 4th to 9th of August 2019.

So, mai hum (ji) and take up the Shopee challenge!

Shopee Slice – Mee Siam Mai Hum Edition: Download Here

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