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Here Are Some Pig-culiar Themed Household Items If You’re Meat Obsessed

Every time I tell someone I went on a meat-free diet for two years, they’ll be like…you wot? I still ate fish and seafood, but the no-meat thing is still hard to swallow.

If you’re someone who can’t imagine life without your meat (specifically pork and a good ol’ steak), then you’ll want to keep these pig-culiar products close by!

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These pork belly or shabu-shabu socks US$1.15 (S$1.60) are what you need when you’re on a budget and can’t afford the real deal. Besides, at least you know this pork belly isn’t whilst socks last…

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I’m not entirely sure if a mi-steak was made upon producing this steak pillow JPY5,292 (approximately S$69).

It’s a great way to proclaim your undying love for fresh meat and it could double up as a giant chew toy for your dog!

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With all these steamboats and hotpots around, don’t let your cravings affect your fitness level! Add more protein into your life with this stewed pork yoga mat.

Maybe the innovators were finding out more productive ways to tenderise meat…?

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I guess if someone intends to go around “bacon” your heart, you’ll have the perfect bandage to fix your wounds. Not sure how long these bacon bandages will go unnoticed though, considering the point of a bandage is to be concealed.

Finally, if all of these dishy items don’t curb your hunger, then there’s only one thing left for you to do.

Dream of meat!

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Go to sleep with this pork belly blindfold and you’re most likely going to start having meaty dreams. Just don’t wake up wondering why there’s a slice of meat covering your eye and put it back in the fridge for later.

I guess all these meat products will definitely put Lady Gaga’s meat dress to shame.

Also, if anyone else has a bone to pick with you for wearing or carrying these products in public, tell them to stop being a beef jerky and leave.

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