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McDonald’s And Alexander Wang Bring You Luxurious Fast Food-inspired Bags

What a time to be alive. I don’t know about you, but I personally am so intrigued by the current state of modern fashion. With brands like Moschino, known for its parody-like designs on garments and accessories and Off White and its furniture line with Ikea, it’s high time that a food and high fashion brand collaboration came into play.

In December 2019, it would be revealed that the unlikely collaboration would be between two globally recognisable brands.

Credit – McDonald’s China

McDonald’s and Alexander Wang.

The fast-food giant collaborated with the Asian American designer, Alexander Wang, and released the ‘Black x Golden’ collection. Featuring two handheld accessories for you to flex your Macs in style.

Credit – Alexander Wang

The first of the two is an inconspicuous classic brown paper-looking lunch clutch bag. The AW Golden Lunch Bag is made out of the heavy-duty Tyvek® Paper and sports the classic Alexander Wang branding in white, in the middle of the bag.

Credit – McDonald’s China

I love the fact that Wang took the silhouette of the classic brown paper bag and turned it into a fun accessory.

The second product in this collection is a black picnic basket looking handbag. Coined the AW Golden Picnic Basket, the all-black hamper looks like what goths would use if they were to go on a picnic. Lined with sheepskin and Lugano leather, this basket is not one for vegans. The bag is decorated with the classic Alexander Wang ‘A’ in sliver and has a McDonald’s co-brand leather tag on the handle.

Credit – McDonald’s China

You’ll definitely make a statement if you used this as a takeaway bag.

The AW Golden Picnic Basket is limited to only 300 units worldwide and costs ¥5,8888 (approx. S$1,148) and the AW Golden Lunch Bag retails for ¥99 (S$19.30).

As this drop was only made available in China, internationally it has made an appearance on a re-sale website, going for USD$1,400 (S$1.888.60).

I wonder which fashion brand and fast-food chain will be next to release a collaboration. We’ve already seen KFC hit street fashion, so who’s next?

Price: AW Gold Basket -¥5,8888 (approx. S$1,148), resale price at USD$1,400 (approx. S$1,886) , AW Gold M handbag – ¥99 (S$19.30)

Where to buy: Grailed (resale)

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