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New Marvel-Themed Makeup Brushes To Thor-oughly Complete Your Collection

If you’re still reeling from the painful after-effects of Avengers Endgame, console yourself with a set of these Marvel makeup brushes courtesy of Flawless Lighting.

They’re also the ones behind the intricately designed SailorMoon and Alice in Wonderland brush sets. This time, their Marvel inspired makeup brushes are designed to cater to those who’re not huge fans of pink and frills.

Credit – Flawless Lighting

The set of five brushes include a powder or blush brush, a flat eyeshadow brush (perfect for packing pigment on your eye), a fluffy eyeshadow brush for blending in the harsh lines, a brow brush and a fan brush for your highlight needs.

Credit – Flawless Lighting

Each brush is individually fashioned with elements from the Avengers characters and movies such as Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s suit and the quintessential Infinity Stones. They’re made of metal (sadly not Vibranium) and their bristles are well-packed to ensure no stray hairs on your face.

Credit – Flawless Lighting

The whole set comes with a bag and costs US$40 (S$55).

Marvel-Inspired Makeup Brushes: Flawless Lighting

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