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10 Makeup Releases That Have Changed The Makeup Scene In Singapore

There is certainly no lack of makeup brands in Singapore. Ironic, isn’t it? We are always complaining about the lack of alternatives.

However, with such extensive choices, finding a particular type of makeup or a preferred brand is a near impossible feat. As a makeup junkie, I found myself using a myriad of brands because of the individual benefits they provide.

Here are 10 makeup releases that have changed the makeup scene (and are my personal favourites):

1. Magic Snow Sun Skin (Aprilskin)

Hello, sunny Singapore. With the scorching sun all year round, applying sunblock has become a daily routine, and not just something we do just at the beach.

While most sunblocks leave a white-tinge and a sticky feeling, Aprilskin’s Magic Snow Sun Stick (S$25) offers easy application in the form of a roll-on stick and doesn’t leave any of that icky aforementioned feeling.

Price: S$25 | Available at: Guardian

2. Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer (Marc Jacobs)

Finding the perfect primer took months of trial and error, and after trying many samples, I finally found Marc Jacob’s Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer (S$69).

The use of coconut is both hydrating and refreshing, and there was a certain lightness that made extended makeup use more comfortable. The usual sticky residual feeling makeup normally leaves was eliminated, and this has been a necessity in my daily makeup routine since.

Price: S$69 | Available at: Sephora

3. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (Fenty Beauty by Rihanna)

From fair-skinned Americans to yellow-toned Asians, finding a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone to a T is a near impossible feat.

But fret not, because Rihanna has experienced this first hand, with her struggle to find a foundation that (to put it colloquially) doesn’t make her look like a pontianak. This inspired her to release the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (S$50).

Alongside the myriad of products in her Fenty Beauty collection, the extensive 40-shade foundation took the beauty world by storm. While the 40 shades may not provide an exact match to your skin tone, it sure gives you more alternatives to get as close a fit as possible.

Price: S$50 | Available at: Sephora

4. The Complexionista (Benefit Cosmetics)

Concealer, Contour, Blusher and highlighter all in one? Count me in! Benefit Cosmetics has released a limited edition face palette — The Complexionista (S$56).

Combining all-time favourites in one palette, it sells out faster than Singaporeans running for an empty seat on the MRT so keep your eye on it and don’t hesitate to buy it once you see it in stock.

Comprising Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer in shades 01 and 02, Hoola Lite, Hoola Matte Bronzer, Dandelion Twinkle and What’s Up that retails for S$26 each, do the math and you’ll realise how worth-it this palette is.

But more than just being cost-saving (yes, we’ve heard your wallets cry after every Sephora run), combining various makeup essentials into a single palette makes it easy to carry around as well.

Price: S$56 | Available at: Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora

5. “Smart Drawing” Range (Innisfree)

Remember the days of your boyfriends’ incessant complains about the number of tools (and time) it takes for you to prepare for a date? Or the large cosmetics bag you lug overseas while on holiday?

Innisfree’s latest “Smart Drawing” Range is the solution to our problem. With makeup that comes in paint tubes and fine-brushed tips, there’s no longer a need to lug countless brushes to get that picture-ready look.

From colour correctors that cover-up that yellow-tinge or panda-looking eyebags, to blushers for those rosy cheeks, Innisfree’s 18-colour “Smart Drawing” range has it all. For just S$12.50, their latest collection now allows beauty to be convenient.

Price: S$12.50 | Available at: Innisfree

6. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner

Credit: W Communications

Remember the nights of racoon-looking eyes after clubbing with your girlfriends? Or the days of leaving the theatre after a tear-jerking movie with eyeliner streaks down your cheeks?

Well say no more because Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner (S$32) has passed the test.

25-year-old Shelby Pagan reviewed her experience using Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner, supported with picture proof, that went viral.

Leaving a five-star review on Kat Von D’s website, she titled her post “I was in a car accident and my eyeliner didn’t budge”. But don’t just take the word of one person, try it for yourself to believe it.  

Price: S$32 | Available at: Sephora

7. Tattoo Brow Ink Pen (Maybelline)

For the browless individual like myself, going out without drawing your eyebrows is out of the question.

However, finding an eyebrow pencil that lasts throughout the day and gives you natural-looking brows is quite the feat.

And Maybelline has the solution. The Tattoo Brow Ink Pen (S$17.90) rides on the microblade eyebrow trend; it has a tiny fork-like brush that gives natural eyebrow-looking lines to blend in perfectly with your eyebrows.

It’s said to last for 24 hours, so that puts me at ease, given my hectic schedule.

Price: S$17.90 | Available at: Maybelline

8. Two-Tone Shadow Bar (Laneige)

Those trying out makeup for the first time, this one’s for you. Laneige’s Two-Tone Shadow Bar (S$38) combines two glitter eyeshadow shades in a stick; forget the struggle of finding complementing shades and uneven eyeshadow blend.

Apply it on your eyelids like you’d apply lipstick to your lips. With just a swipe, your eyelids will be sparkling with complementing glitter shades. From the natural pearly pinks, to slightly gothic coffee-browns, Laneige’s Two-Tone Shadow Bar enables the inexperienced user to meet (and be) their beauty goals.

Price: S$38 | Available at: Laneige and Sephora

9. H2O Gloss (Tarte)

As Serena (Blake Lively) once said in Gossip Girl, “lipstick lasts longer but gloss is more fun”. And boy, do I agree with that statement.

Lip gloss gives that extra, well, glossy factor, making your lips sparkle with every application.

Tarte has definitely upped the bar with their H2O Gloss (S$32). With three holographic shades (white, blue and iridescent), your lips can be glossier than they’ve ever been.

Throw out the glittery tubes of lipgloss because Tarte’s H2O Gloss gives you that added shine while allowing you to retain that girl-next-door innocence.

Price: S$32 | Available at: Sephora

10. All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (Urban Decay)

After putting in the extra effort to do your makeup in the morning, what can be worse than your makeup not lasting through the day?

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (S$48) helps your makeup last, well, all night without having to run to the toilet to redo your makeup midday.

Price: S$48 | Available at: Urban Decay and Sephora

– –

These makeup releases have changed the local makeup scene, providing quality alternatives that can end your search for the perfect product to add to your extensive makeup regime.

Since I’m personally a makeup addict, I’ve tried and swear by these products, so go ahead and try them out!

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