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Look good, be responsible — shop playful locally-designed masks from WHENIWASFOUR

‘Tis the season for mask-wearing and sterile practices as humanity is plagued with one of the worst global pandemics in history. Unless you’re an anti-masker, all of us should be so used to going out with masks by now, we probably have more than one for each day.

Though most of us look at masks from a practical point of view, there are some with an eye for fashion who go the extra mile in curating their selection of masks to fit their outfits. The piece of cloth covering our faces has become such a staple in our everyday wear, this might actually not be a bad idea at all.


If you’re looking to add some local flavour to your mask collection, check out these quirky designs by Singapore-based design studio WHENIWASFOUR. Their collection of masks feature designs that are synonymous with Singaporean culture, such as the signature Good Morning towel design we often see adorning the necks of uncles in hawker centres across the island.


In addition to this iconic design, they also carry two others—the classic vintage jotter book design we’re all so familiar with from our schooling days, as well as a design featuring Chinese characters spelling out the phrase “good citizen”—because that’s who we should all aim to be.


The masks costs S$10.90 each and can be bought online here.

Price: S$10.90

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