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Buy A Watch, Plant A Tree — Limited Edition Fossil Solar Watch Now Available In Singapore

In the name of sustainability, Fossil recently released its limited edition Solar watch. Made in collaboration with EcoMatcher, Fossil intends to commit to a more sustainable business model by creating more eco-friendly packaging and products.

Only 20 Solar watches is made available in Singapore, making this a collector’s item. What’s great is that with each purchase, a tree will be planted and you’ll be able to name your tree and track its CO2 performance. This is quite interesting, how many of us can say that we not only bought an eco-friendly watch but also contributed back to Mother Earth in the same transaction?

This minimalistic watch comes in two different sizes, 36mm and 42mm. Your Solar watch will come in a partial bio-based plastic which is made out of environmentally-friendly castor oil. Each watch comes with five different coloured straps, with each strap made out of approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. Change up the interchangeable pull-through straps to match your mood or outfit.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, each battery charge is expected to last for about four months before requiring a recharge. The solar part of the watch lies in its ring—the outer part of the ring acts as a solar panel, capturing light and converting it to energy with the use of a solar cell beneath the dial. The energy is then stored into the rechargeable battery, so as long as you wear your watch out whenever there’s light, you need not worry about your watch malfunctioning from a lack of energy.

Price: S$249
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