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Lata Seri Pulai Villa In Johor Has A Huge Waterslide Great For Families

Credit- FB: @Lataseripulai

Still looking for a vacay destination for the fam this December holidays? Why not check out Lata Seri Pulai in Pontian. Located in Pekan Natas, Johor, Lata Seri Pulai is a family-friendly villa for rent that’s great for a family trip.

Credit- FB: @Lataseripulai

This villa consists of two bungalows, swimming pool for adult and kids, an open air Surau, sports field, fish lake, and luscious green kampong environment.

The resort is reminiscent of old, traditional Malay kampong houses. What particularly stands out is definitely the resort’s massive waterslide.

Credit- FB: @Lataseripulai

This colourful waterslide is bound to be loved by kids and adults alike. However if that doesn’t really interest you, there are other chill activities at the resort too like cycling, swimming and fishing.

Credit- FB: @Lataseripulai

The compound also has barbecue pits for guests to cook up a feast, which is great considering how hungry everyone will be after hours of swimming. Travelling via airplane as a family can be difficult. Places in Johor like Lata Seri Julai could be great, especially considering how much easier it’d be to travel via coach.

You could also enter and use the pool without booking a bungalow. Rates are at RM 15  for adults and RM 10 for Children.

Lata Seri Pulai: No. 4 Kampung Melayu Raya, Jln Rizab 1 81500 Pekan Nanas, Johor | Facebook | +60 19-328 2881

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