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Unique Lantern Caps In Japan – Ships Overseas To Singapore Too

Over the years, Japanese fashion has grown in influence in Singapore and many parts of the world. From the Harajuku style to the Omotesando fashion, gone are the days where people would gawk at you if you were to wear a yukata out. But Japan, being the innovative country that it is, is always finding new ways to turn heads in the world of fashion. Here is one.

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

Japanese company Whole Love Kyoto have produced a Chochin Cap – an extendable Kyoto lantern in the form of a cap. And it isn’t just any normal lantern. Each lantern is handcrafted by local craftsmen using wood and Japanese washi paper, so you can be sure of both its quality and authenticity.

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

The strap isn’t any ordinary strap, either. It is made from alligator leather. Perhaps it is because of these premium grade materials, that the cap costs  ¥12,800 (approximately S$162). The price does not include any shipping charges that come along with delivery.

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

For breathability, the top of the “lantern” is not covered, so you will feel comfortable wearing it in Singapore’s sweltering heat.

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

Weird? You are so wrong. The cap does not look outlandish at all. At a distance, you would never suspect that it actually is a lantern. And it actually looks fashionable.

Credit – Whole Love Kyoto

With all these cool features, this invention did not come about overnight. This unique piece of headwear took 10 months to develop so you can tell that a lot of thought was put into it.

To purchase this cap, all you have to do is fill in the inquiry form on the Chochin Cap website. Whole Love Kyoto ships overseas, so you might just get the chance to rock this unique piece of fashion here in Singapore. Not many people know about this, so here is your chance to be a hipster here in Singapore.

Price:  ¥12,800 (approximately S$162, not inclusive of delivery fees)

Whole Love Kyoto Chochin Cap: Website

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