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Japanese Soap & Deodorant Makes You Smell Like A Young Woman – Literally

Japan is a country known not only for its anime and delicious cuisine but also its many weird/ cool inventions – here is one.

Credit – Rohto Pharmaceutical

Japanese company Rohto Pharmaceutical has developed a deodorant and body cleanse named Deoco, but here’s the twist. These bath products make you smell like a “young woman”. Literally.

Here’s the science behind it.

Rohto Pharmaceutical announced that they have isolated two chemical compounds, Lactone C10, and C11 which the bodies of young women in their late teenage years produce in greater quantities than those of older women, and the compounds share the same properties of scent as coconut and peach.

Credit – KPG_Payless/Shutterstock

The product is aimed at women in their thirties, who want to reclaim their youth and feminity- by smelling like they did 10 years ago.

The body soaps sell for ¥1000, and the stick-type deodorants sell for ¥780. They can be found in Tokyo’s drugstores.

Credit – Teerawit Chankowe/Shutterstock

Here’s where it gets even weirder. Japanese men are buying this product, as having the aroma of a young girl in close proximity might actually feel like having a real one near you…?

Some of these men who’ve bought the deodorant have commended the deodorant on social media, claiming that the scent lasts for hours.

Sadly, neither the Deoco young woman-scented soap nor the deodorant is available in Singapore, but given how well it is doing in Japan, who knows when it might hit our sunny shores. Who knows, this might be the closest to a woman some guys like me get. #foreveralone

Price: ¥1000 (body soap), ¥780 (stick type deodorant)

Rohto Pharmaceutical: Website

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