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New Japanese Bath Salts Let You Bathe in Soup — Soak in Curry Gravy, Miso soup, Oden broth & Gyudon

Ever wondered how it feels like to be a meatball in your hot pot soup? Now you can!

Credit – Village Vanguard

With the creative stock-like wrappers, Dashi Soup Bath Powder will repackage your bathing experience with food-based bath salt. It transforms your traditionally spa-scented bathtub into a huge tub of savoury soup and leaves your toilet smelling like a kitchen.

Credit – Village Vanguard

Credit – Village Vanguard

This bath salt comes in four different renditions: miso, curry, gyudon (beef bowl) and oden (a light, soy-flavored broth served with boiled egg, tofu, and fishcakes). Like common bath salts, it can be simply used by emptying the powdery product into your bathtub, letting it dissolve, then going for a dip.

Be mindful not to be fooled by their delicious appearances on the package, these ‘soups’ are strictly not for consumption! We highly recommend using these food baths only after your meal. The aroma of food may trigger hunger pangs and you might just guzzle the soapy broth.

Each bath powder is priced at 330 yen (approx. S$4.17). Alternatively, you can buy a variety set of 4 packs for 1,100 yen (approx. S$13.91). You can find them on the shelves of Village Vanguard.

Price: 330 yen (approx. S$4.17) per packet, 1,100 yen (approx. S$13.91) for a set of four

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