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8 Crazy Things You Missed From IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2018 (A Post-Party Report)

IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2018 was a blast. For four days in November, I was pretty much partying every night and my liver was getting abused like no tomorrow.

I’ve been on IT’S THE SHIP back when it was held on Royal Carribean’s Mariner of the Seas, but for 2018 the party’s shifted to Dream Cruise’s Genting Dream, and thank the heavens I’ve been invited back on.

Cruises are boring by themselves unless you’re above 65, but with a full-on party ongoing, this was something I could really get my teeth into.

Without further ado, it is my job to make you feel FOMO with my IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2018 recap. Here’s the craziness you missed.

1. Headlining DJs

There’s no shortage of crowd-stunning DJs on IT’S THE SHIP. If you’re a fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), you’re on the right ship.

On the Crown Stage (pool deck), get blown away by headliners such as Showtek, Sander Van Doorn, Cosmic Gate, Paul Van Dyk and Cash Cash.

But the party is pretty much everywhere; on the smaller stages such as in Zouk club, more indie DJs were featured such as Kate Fox, Indigo Starlight and Perk Pietrek.

There’s simply too many enjoyable acts to name and you had to be there to really understand how hyped up it was.

2. Eccentric After-Parties

The night doesn’t end after the last set on the Crown Stage plays. In fact, it just signals the start of a long dream to come.

Onesie party, Traffic light party, Sunrise party etc. I wish I could split myself into multiple ravers to hit them all.

If you’re a party animal and live by the motto “sleep is for the weak”, then boy are you in for a ride.

3. Foam Party

Just because the night has ended, doesn’t mean the party has. One of the most enjoyable day parties on IT’S THE SHIP has got to be the crazy foam party.

Enjoy canons of foam blasted everywhere – just don’t be a cock and stand right in front of one or you’ll be swallowing a bunch of white stuff you didn’t sign up for.

There’s just something about partying in foam. Perhaps it resembles snow which tropical countries lack, or perhaps we’re just kids that never grew up. 

4. Random Pop-ups

What the duck? Keep your eye out for an array of random occurrences you wouldn’t expect. Like a giant duck walking along side a bevy of beauties.

Mermaids at the pool. Where’s Aqua Man when you need him.

The best surprise I got was when I entered the ship’s lift at random and encountered a pop-up bar by Pepsi giving out free Bourbon Pepsi. These weird oddities only appear at seemingly random areas (like the toilet?), so be adventurous and explore.

Oh and Big Shaq made an appearance as well. And you know when everyone just waits around for his one hit single then leaves straight after, that it’s all about the hype.

Cos the man’s not hot

5. Mini Games To Win Swag/ Free Drinks

Want a free Auchentoshan visor and other free swag? Well, it’s yours if you can actually pronounce the damn whisky’s name properly.

There are quite a few booths around the deck, as well as free highballs from Jim Beam if you play your cards right with the wandering ambassadors.

6. Endless Buffet

Gotta keep the energy up right? Alcohol does bring out the munchies too.

Although it’s not exactly a brand new concept, a 24-hour buffet (from Genting Dream’s Lido buffet) sure fuels the body after hours of mindless arm swinging.

7. Meet and Greets

Want to meet your favourite DJs up close and personal? IT’S THE SHIP gave plenty of opportunities for that with their organized meet-and-greet sessions.

On IT’S THE SHIP, it’s all about partying and interacting with your favourite acts. You can even play golf, have a drink or dance with these celebs if you catch them at the right time.

Heck, you can even meet Deadpool and David Hasselhoff if you wander around enough.

8. Chilling By The Pool / Jacuzzi Tub

Ok admittedly, the pool is kinda crowded during peak times, but the more the merrier aye?

Get out your social hat and meet new friends while trying to get enough leg room in the Jacuzzi tub. Don’t forget to turn on the bubbles.

We also docked at Phuket for a bit of island time, but that part wasn’t too exciting really.


If you feel a serious case of FOMO right now, IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2019 will be commencing 13 – 15 November 2019 (hmm only 3 days this round?) and tickets will be available soon. Check out their social media or website for more info when cabin sales start.

IT’S THE SHIP: Facebook | Website

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