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| On 3 weeks ago

Hotel G S’pore Poppin Staycation Lets You Indulge With Free Champagne & Popcorn

By Zat

Hotel G is one of the few hotels in Singapore that one may find hard to place. It lacks the conspicuous glitz and glamour of a big hotel chain yet stands too statuesque over Middle Road to be considered boutique. This conundrum of identity, though, is not for lack of trying.

Rather, it’s an inevitable consequence of being owned and run not by a familiar hotel conglomerate, but an investment arm, GCP Hospitality, who is in the business of value creation through refurbishing, repositioning and operating hospitality assets.

I suppose in some ways, Hotel G is boutique-ish in that it is run independently and abides by service standards that are uniquely their own. It took over from the space previously occupied by BIG Hotel in 2016 and transformed the property into one that’s equal parts eclectic and quirky. There’s a certain pride in the embrace of mismatched furniture and an interior design that at times reminds one of a vintage barbershop.

Unlike other hotels, Hotel G classifies the rooms on a scale of greatness: Good, Great, Greater—it being an indication that they’re aiming for nothing but the best. The rooms itself are by no means huge. But it is sufficient for a late-night heart to heart with a best friend on the brink of a relationship meltdown.

I had an opportunity to indulge in Hotel G’s Poppin Staycation, which is ideal for either a night of romance or a drawn-out midnight drawl about love and life. It comes with all the things you need for a romantic rendezvous with your significant other or, if like me, you’re single and ready to mingle, makes for a perfect getaway to reward yourself for all that tough working from home.

The Good

The Poppin Staycation comes with a complimentary room upgrade to the King Bedded Great Room, which comes individually furnished such that no two rooms are the same. That’s a lot of interior designing. The rooms are cosy, which some would say is a nicer way of saying small, but in reality, generous for a property right smack in the middle of the bustling fringe of town.

I should mention, though, that the bathroom is equally cosy. Due to the constraint of space, Hotel G has relocated the washbasin to outside the toilet which works great if your partner is inside having a shower and all you want to do is brush your teeth.

There are of course the basics you’d expect from a hotel staycation of a certain, ahem, standard. The package comes with high-speed Wi-Fi access and unlimited downloads of newspapers and magazines from all around the globe with the Press Reader app.b

The Great

These beds are made for someone like me who’s particular about mattress hardness and pillow density. Both are entirely to my liking, which meant a restful night sleep in cool comfort with linens that are incredibly soft to the touch.

The provided toiletries are numerous and come courtesy of Metis, an Australian brand that comes with ingredients that offer pioneering formulations which focus on hydration, revitalisation and skin optimisation. Tres chic indeed.

Stepping into the room, you’ll be greeted by a complimentary bottle of French champagne submerged in a bucket of ice, alongside a bowl of homemade popcorn. This is exclusive to the Poppin Staycation—a smart move, because who would say no to free champagne? Not this reviewer!

Lazy to pop out for dinner? Have a flute of champagne. Feeling peckish at night? Reach for that glass, why don’t you? Need some liquid courage for a touch of honest conversation? You guessed it—champagne to the rescue!

The Greater

Hotel G knows that when it comes to weekend staycation, no one likes to wake up bright and early to catch the proverbial worm. Especially not when you have the option of rolling around in bed until noon. That’s the reason why Hotel G wants you to end your stay with a complimentary brunch. Stay in! Do absolutely nothing. Saunter lazily out of bed, and when you’re rested and ready, head over to Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar for brunch spread that’s sure to leave you satiated.

Another great thing about Hotel G is, of course, it’s location, location, location. Nestled within the belly of Bencoolen and Bugis, is a slew of dining options to whet even the fussiest appetite but especially enticing for the lovers of Thai cuisine.

Next door, there’s Aroy Dee and Al Jilani that opens 24/7; opposite, over at Sunshine Plaza, the OG of affordable Thai fare—Zenso and Thai Gold Food; next door is Singapore-owned Merely Ice cream and a few meters down towards Bugis Junction, is newly opened Hayo selling yoghurt shakes for a healthy gut and an active mind. Which is perfect after a fulfilling day of #selfcare by the kind folks over at Hotel G—this staycation indeed be Poppin all over town.

Staycation Package Details

The Hotel G Poppin staycation package is priced at S$178 Nett for Sundays to Thursdays and S$188 Nett for bookings made on Fridays & Saturdays. Exclusively for Hype & Stuff readers, Hotel G is offering a complimentary late check out at 2 pm by booking via this link: Late Checkout.

Hotel G | Website | 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980

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